Soccer’s Growth in US Has International Legends Buzzing

Soccer’s Growth in US Has International Legends Buzzing


Soccer’s Growth in US Has International Legends Buzzing


Soccer, also known as football in most countries other than the United States, has been a popular sport for years. In recent years though, the sport is greatly increasing in popularity, and there are some very big names coming in through the scoreboards, making American legends and international legends alike according to In this article we’re going to tell you all about how the United States is gradually growing to become one of America’s favorite pastimes of the years over time.

How Soccer is growing

With over 20 clubs starting to compete in the Major League Soccer club, soccer in the US is becoming a dominant sport right along with major league baseball. One of the Arsenal midfielders said that it’s great that players like Thierry Henry play in the league, since they’re all friends. Many soccer players admit that while it’s hard to actually get past all of the media attention that the NFL, MLB, and NBA all get, but nevertheless, they keep pushing past the boundaries, and making names for themselves with the hopes that they’ll get up there one day. Their reason? Because soccer is a sport that everyone can enjoy playing, as well as watching. No matter what side of the field you’re on, or whether you’re in the field or outside the field, you can enjoy the game.

Attendance has risen tenfold with the MLS average attendance being over 21,000 strong. This was just how much it grew from 2013 to 2018. This brought the overall average attendance for Major League Soccer to be number 8 in the entire world. While other countries have dominance over America in attendance, eventually it broke free of the record and they ended up ranking tenth by 2018 with an average attendance of over 50,000 themselves. By the year of 2018, the MLS Cup ended up being named a dominant sport, and numerous states all had national and international soccer teams.

What’s to Come?

With the soccer industry starting to thrive more in the United States and Canada, they’re expecting a nominal growth to equal that of at least Major League Baseball in the U.S., and eventually they will surpass it, and be taking on more giant sports as one of the most popular sports in America. Other countries have soccer (known as football to most of them) as one of their primary sports, and with the World Cup being one of the most widely viewed games every year, it’s even surpassed the NFL since 2010.


If there is any sport that has risen in the shortest amount of time in popularity, it is definitely the sport of soccer. In 2014 alone, the World Cup has more than 400 million more views than even the Super Bowl alone, which was previously one of the most watched games in not only the entire country, but also the world. Soccer in the US is finally starting to break into the mainstream even more, but after the ice was broken, the sport is definitely here to stay, and it is melting the competition.

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