Gilbert Arenas believes Carmelo Anthony should sign with Lakers

Gilbert Arenas believes Carmelo Anthony should sign with Lakers


Gilbert Arenas believes Carmelo Anthony should sign with Lakers


Carmelo Anthony remains unsigned, and the longer this situation drags out, the less it appears that he’ll be back in the NBA.

Anthony was cut by the Rockets last November, and he’s been out of the league since that time, so if an NBA team was looking to sign him, they’d be wise to do so before training camp, to bring him in and see what he can do.

Right now, though, his list of suitors isn’t all that long, with a team like the Knicks, Nuggets, Hawks or Lakers making sense. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently came out and said he believes the Lakers are the best fit, and he explained why, in an interview with Landon Buford. Here’s what Arenas had to say:

Go to the Lakers where you might come off the bench, but you are going to be the first option in the fourth quarter because that is what they are going to need from Melo. They need a 6’9 guy that can open up the floor, play your iso basketball, and that helps the rest of the Lakers. LeBron passes to everyone else, and you play iso basketball it all works. He goes to Houston and after ten games he is gone. Melo needs to be in a position where the last five minutes of the game he is the go-to guy. If you are not the go-to guy what are you on the court for because don’t have any other skill to be used. You are a fourth-quarter last five-minute iso guy that is your skill.

Not sure about Melo being the “go-to guy” anywhere, as he’d likely be someone to come off the bench and score a few points as needed. He certainly wouldn’t be the “go-to” guy in LA, as LeBron James and Anthony Davis will be running the show there. However, we do agree the Lakers are a great fit, and we hope to see Melo back in the league, at least for one more season.


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