Juan Soto taunts Miles Mikolas with crotch grab (Video)

Juan Soto taunts Miles Mikolas with crotch grab (Video)


Juan Soto taunts Miles Mikolas with crotch grab (Video)


Nationals young slugger Juan Soto may not be even old enough to drink alcohol, but he plays like a veteran on the diamond.

Soto is only 20 years of age, but he plays with a ton of poise and confidence on the field. Not only that, he’s also clutch, as he’s delivered in some huge spots — like the game-winning base hit in the Wild Card game, and the game-tying home run in the pivotal winner-take-all NLDS contest in Los Angeles earlier in the week.

He also has been known to get in his opponent’s heads, which isn’t something we normally see from a young player. Soto taunted Miles Mikolas in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series on Friday night, taking a pitch inside, then turning to the Cardinals pitcher and grabbing his crotch.

Mikolas later did it right back at him.

Gotta love baseball.

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