Charles Barkley '100 percent sure' NBA will resume season

Charles Barkley '100 percent sure' NBA will resume season


Charles Barkley '100 percent sure' NBA will resume season


There was a time not too long ago when TNT analyst Charles Barkley made it clear that he believed the remainder of the 2019-20 NBA season would be canceled, but he’s completely flipped the script.

The “Inside The NBA” star is pretty well plugged in to NBA circles, and he’s also never shied away from sharing his opinion. That combination is a big reason why he’s well suited for television.

So when the subject of how the NBA season will play out came up, Barkley did not shy way from it, and gave a pretty definitive take on “The Paul Finebaum Show.”

“We’re gonna make a decision in the next week,” Barkley said, as transcribed by 247Sports. “I’m 100 percent sure we’re going to play. I know my friends in Major League Baseball are going to play. I know that the (NHL) is going to play. … I do know this, talking to my bosses at Turner: We’re going to play basketball. It is gonna be in Florida and Vegas, or just Florida.”

It seems like only a matter of time until we find out how the NBA plans to resume the season, and what the playoff format will look like. We have a hard time believing the regular season games will be played, but time will tell.

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