Robert Lewandowski clear winner of the UEFA Player of the Year

Robert Lewandowski clear winner of the UEFA Player of the Year

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Robert Lewandowski clear winner of the UEFA Player of the Year


Many years it can somewhat be a little challenging for voters to determine the UEFA Player of the Year. That was simply not the case in 2020. Robert Lewandowski of Warsaw, Poland was the clear winner, and it was never even remotely close. As Chris Wright of ESPN wrote on Friday, Lewandowski won by “an absolute landslide.”

Lewandowski received 477 points among the 135 people who voted for the award. The 80 coaches and 55 journalists ranked players one through three on their ballot, with five points going to the player first on the ballot, three points to the player second on the ballot, and one point to the player third on the ballot.

In the Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League, Lewandowski was simply dominant, and not surprisingly so according to the record of fans taking part in the “action” through some unique free bet offers UK that made the reveal event next level. There is simply not a word that better describes his remarkable performances throughout the entire 2019-20 season. The player who finished in second place was Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne of Drongen, Belgium with 90 points, 387 fewer points than Lewandowski.

For Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, Lewandowski scored 34 times. The 32-year-old striker had six more goals than Timo Werner of Stuttgart, Germany, who had 28 goals with RB Leipzig. Werner has since left the Bundesliga, to join Chelsea of the English Premier League.

Lewandowski, who is now third all-time in the Bundesliga with 237 goals, had eight multiple goal games for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. The most came in a 3-0 Bayern Munich win over FC Schalke on August 24, 2019, when Lewandowski delivered a hat trick.

One could argue Leandowski was even better in the Champions League, where he had 15 goals in 10 games, something the football betting sites UK not only saw coming but took full advantage of in the sportsbooks. He had a four goal performance in a 6-0 Bayern Munich win over Red Star on November 26. Then in the DFB Pokal, Lewandowski had six goals in five games. Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB Pokal, with Lewandowski scoring 55 goals in 47 games.

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