Can Messi Lead Inter Miami To The MLS Playoffs in 2023?

Can Messi Lead Inter Miami To The MLS Playoffs in 2023?

Lionel Messi took the MLS by storm after making his Inter Miami debut during the League’s Cup.

The club went from one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference to become League Cup Champions after a dazzling start from Messi.

Last week, the Argentinian soccer player finally made his MLS debut against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday night. Now, Inter Miami is ranked No.14 in the standings and is looking to make a playoff push.

It’ll be a tall task for Messi and his squad to advance to playoffs, especially after failing to score a goal against Nashville on Wednesday night.

With only 10 games left on the schedule, will Inter Miami have a chance to sneak into the playoffs?

Will Inter Miami Make the Playoffs?

Over the next few weeks, Inter Miami will need to pick as many points as possible for one last push for the playoffs. Currently, Inter Miami is No.14 in the standings and is 10 points away from the ninth spot.

However, there are only nine games left in the season for most teams. Inter Miami will need to win more than just four games for a guaranteed spot. In addition, they will also need some luck from other teams, as Inter Miami likely won’t be controlling their own fate down the stretch of the regular season.

Ultimately, Inter Miami’s season will come down to the wire.

Over the last three years, the average line for ninth place is around 43.3 points. Based on the games left on the schedule, Inter Miami will need to average 2 points for every game left on their schedule.

They will have a chance at a playoff berth as the ninth seed, where they will play a wildcard game to take on the first seed in the conference.

How do MLS Playoffs Work?

On Wednesday, FC Cincinnati clinched their playoff spot with a win over Atlanta United. With eight games remaining for the club, Cincinnati leads the Eastern Conference with 57 points.

The top seven teams from each conference automatically qualify for the Round 1 best-of-three series. The eighth and the ninth seeds, which could be Inter Miami, will have to play a single elimination wild card match to earn the final spot in the playoffs.

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