NWSL Raises Salary Cap by 25% to $1.4 Million

NWSL Raises Salary Cap 25% to $1.4 Million

NWSL teams are doubling down on their commitment to women’s soccer.

After allegations of misconduct, the NWSL will look to turn a new leaf by reinvesting in its players. The new NWSL commissioner, Jessica Berman, has already taken next steps to make that happen, beginning with a new salary cap.

The NWSL salary cap increases to nearly $1.4 million dollars next year but Berman isn’t just stopping there. In addition to the cap increase, Berman looks towards the future with a possible rebrand coming soon.

“I’m sure as many of you begin to dig in on what’s happening on a local level, our teams are doubling and tripling their investment,” said Berman.

Increased Salary Caps

The action taken by Berman has led the league to ban four former head coaches and fine both the Chicago Red Stars and Portland Thorns. Even some coaches and executives were also issued bans with timelines and conditions.

The fine of $2.5 million dollars on the Red Stars and Thorns will be used toward systemic reform within the league for its players.

For the upcoming 2023 season, the league increased its salary cap by 25% to $1.375 million and the available allocation money will be bumped up to $600,000.

Last season’s salary cap was set at $1.1 million.

New NWSL Brand Coming

Berman looks to fix the NWSL from within. Before the investigation, the NWSL looked at a potential rebrand in 2021 to commemorate the 10 year mark.

While the project was placed off to the side for the investigation, it seems like the women’s soccer league will be looking into it in the future.

Berman said, “As we look towards the launch of the 2023 season, some of the things you’ll be seeing and learning about our new brand strategy. We built out the league office executive staff and one of our new hires, chief marketing officers, really focused on building a new brand identity for the NWSL, and all of that really couldn’t have happened without the hard work that we’ve done over the last year.”

The NWSL won’t be investing in an instant overhaul but instead the league will begin with some of its messaging across the NWSL.

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