Reggie Jackson Joined Jim Palmer In The Booth At Baltimore Orioles vs. Houston Astros Game

reggie jackson

Mr. October, also known as Reggie Jackson, joined Baltimore Orioles legend turned television broadcaster Jim Palmer in the booth on Tuesday night as the Orioles faced the Houston Astros.

Two Hall of Famers and former teammates talking baseball is not to be missed.

Many forget that Jackson, a five-time World Series Champion, was with the Orioles ever so briefly in 1976 before becoming a free agent and signing with the New York Yankees.

He faced Palmer many times when he played for the Oakland A’s and the Yankees.

And Palmer has not forgotten how well Jackson hit his pitches.

Jackson is now an advisor to Houston Astros owner Jim Crane.

Given the tremendous success of the 2023 Baltimore Orioles, Palmer asked Jackson his impressions of the Orioles team.

What Jackson Said About The Playoff-Bound Orioles

Jackson told Palmer that he was impressed with how the Orioles carry themselves.

They are young and confident and never act like they are out of a game despite being behind.

This series with the Astros in late September is the first time Jackson has seen the Orioles play in person.

Jackson hit the nail on the head about this team’s personality.

The Orioles have made a habit of coming from behind in 2023, practically half of their 95 wins were come-from-behind events.

The team has a 2.5-game lead over the second-place Tampa Bay Rays in the American League East.

To win the division, the magic number is eight which can be accomplished through a combination of Orioles wins and Rays losses.

With 10 games left in the regular season, the Orioles face the Astros in the final game of their series at 2:10 PM EDT on September 20.

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