Justin Turner reveals adjustment he made before hitting home run

Justin Turner reveals adjustment he made before hitting home run


Justin Turner reveals adjustment he made before hitting home run


When the Dodgers have been in need of a clutch hit during the playoffs this year, they’ve looked to Justin Turner or Yasiel Puig. The two have delivered nearly every time they’ve been called upon, and are a big season the team is now three wins away from a World Series title.

Turner came through with the biggest hit in Game 1 on Tuesday, and his sixth-inning at-bat changed the entire scope of the game.

After a home run by Alex Bregman tied it up in the fifth inning, the momentum had shifted a bit, and suddenly, it was anyone’s game. But after Chris Taylor drew a two-out walk in the inning that followed, the Dodgers still had life.

And, most importantly, they had Turner at the plate.

Turner fell behind 1-2 in the count, but was not fazed. He saw a cutter from Dallas Keuchel that was up in the zone, and did not miss it. Turner hit the pitch into the stands, and the Dodgers jumped out to a 3-1 lead, which ended up being the final score.

After the game, Turner revealed that he noticed Keuchel had beat him inside in his two previous at-bats, resulting in a strikeout and him fouling out. So, he made an adjustment, electing to use a lighter bat for his third plate appearance of the night. That proved to be worthwhile, as Keuchel attempted to come inside with a cutter, and Turner was quick enough to turn on it and hit it into the stands. Knowing how impact players like Turner can affect a game is just one of the things you’ll learn in a how to guide for Canadians looking to bet on sports online

It appears that adjustment paid off for Turner and the Dodgers, who now hold a 1-0 lead in the World Series.

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