How's Everybody Doin?

How's Everybody Doin?


How's Everybody Doin?


Sorry I haven’t been back for a bit.  The last time we talked was right before The Organization made the decision to move on from Antonio Gates.  Even though I posted the screen shots all over the internet of my reminders that Hunter Henry had been injured in both of his seasons, I didn’t think it would happen.  Actually, I didn’t think it would happen this quickly.  Letting go was probably still the right call, however.  The Chargers’ record when throwing to Henry more than occasionally is staggering as opposed to what they usually do.  I do think they need to do something at tight end, even if they do bring back Gates.  Mike Florio had floated the idea of a trade for Gronk right after the Henry injury.  Even though I can’t believe Pro Football Talk has become an actual source for “news,” I think such a deal would be great.  Even though murmurs of Gronkowski being moved from New England have been popping up again, I still don’t think the Chargers have it in them to make it happen.

Even though Gronk gets hurt and can act like an ass, he’d be a great fit for Rivers.  I’m sure he’d do fine in LA and even though that hit in Buffalo was dirty as hell, he’s a hard worker.  If Dean and Sons really want to make a splash in LA, especially with what the Rams have been doing, wouldn’t they want something to put people in the stands?  I think it’s just part of my overall doubt that the Bolts are for real.  Telesco keeps his cards close to the vest, which is fine if you have a track record of winning.  But he’s also drafted and signed his share of duds.  I do believe the Chargers showed a lot of heart finishing 9-7, but let’s not forget that losses at Jacksonville, New England, and Kansas City were the only games that really mattered.  You could make the argument that he didn’t beat a good team in an important spot all season.

Articles like this one.


That’s what scare me.  I think people need to calm down.  We haven’t done a thing yet even though I like Melvin Ingram sounding confident.  Arkush, one of the writers I actually trust, does admit that this team needs to make a statement in Week 1 at Arrowhead.  He also references the Pepto Bismol as an integral part of rooting for the Bolts.  I can’t dispute that.  We’ll see, I guess.  I do plan to make the Week 2 game at Buffalo.  It’s the Bills’ second home game, so there will be possibly a little less table breaking than usual.  I’m the last person to judge drunken chicanery, I’m just not as up for confrontation as I once was.  I guess that’s getting older for you and being tired of this team letting me down.

But hey, summer is almost here.  I’ll be at what’s left of the Justice Is Coming House Band next weekend in Queens and given how the Mets have been lately it should be one of the few bright spots at Citi Field.  Anyway, I just bought this shirt online.  I haven’t completely matured.

Talk you soon.


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