Your Morning Dump... Where we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the '08 title team

Your Morning Dump... Where we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the '08 title team


Your Morning Dump... Where we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the '08 title team


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

To me, 2008 was special not because of it adding to the rafters, but because it finally vindicated Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen (I’ll pause so some of you can boo the last name… it’s ok, I get it).

We live in a “count the ringzzz” culture where fans hold team circumstances against players all the time. Pierce was certainly good enough to win more than one title, but playing through the Pitino years and the devastation Pitino left in his wake robbed him of contention in his prime years. Kevin Garnett was a transcendent player who had the bad fortune of having to go up against the Spurs over and over again while is front office floundered opportunities to get him help. Ray Allen never saw a team around him that was great for long stretches.

The summer of 2007 began with the disappointment of missing out on Kevin Durant, but then quickly flipped to excitement after the Boston Celtics flipped the 5th pick in the draft to Seattle for Allen, then packaged half the team for Kevin Garnett.

The team got together in Rome for a trip that was credited with bringing them together quickly, and setting the stage for a quick start to the season.

The team will forever be remembered for the new Big 3, but the James Posey signing was what tied it all together. He was a monster coming off the bench for Boston that year. Not only did he hit clutch shots for the Celtics, he posted his best defensive rating of his career that season.

On June 17th, 2018, the Celtics unloaded on the Lakers, finishing them off in six and winning their 17th championship on their own floor.

It gave us this epic moment:

The whole thing is great, but honestly, the two best parts are “Michelle you look good tonight, girl” right at the end, and then hugging Bill Russell.

That night also gave us this image of Paul Pierce, Finals MVP

I bring this up because I’ll never forget how worried all the staffers were that this table would fall apart. It was a rickety little thing meant to hold the championship trophy… but first Wyc Grousbeck decided to climb onto it, which freaked people out. But then when Paul Pierce jumped up and was pumping that trophy over his head, it was all hands on deck to keep that thing from falling apart.

And of course, there’s the drunk Brian Scalabrine press conference.

That was a wild night of vindication for the players. Fans got to celebrate the Celtics first title in more than 20 years, and there was a feeling that things were just getting started.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, circumstances changed, and there was no repeat or three-peat. But 2008 still holds a special place in all our hearts.

Enjoy one more look back at that night.

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Page 2: Jaylen Brown vows revenge on Amir Johnson

This is what he’s talking about:

The revenge is a dish that is going to get served very cold. Amir Johnson is a free agent and I’m not sure many NBA teams are looking to add a player like him.

It’s funny, Amir Johnson is a 13 year vet and I’d swear he’s like 37 years old… but he’s only 31. Still, I’m not sure where he’ll land, or if he’ll land anywhere.

So… Jaylen’s just going to have to swing by Amir’s house some day to popcorn his car or something.

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