Back From Buffalo

Back From Buffalo


Back From Buffalo


I  know I suggested an awful lot last week that we would lose that game in Buffalo.  Maybe I overreacted a little to the opening week loss, but the Bolts will need to play a hell of a lot better tomorrow if they hope to beat the Rams.  I can’t be the only person who’s waiting for some “news” on Joey Bosa that involves him getting surgery and being shelved for the year.  But if that ends up being the case, which I really hope it doesn’t, we’ll be in the same situation we are right now.  We have to play without him.

The shallow crosses to Tyrell Williams and Keenan Allen worked really well last week.  Even from my seat in the upper deck I could see that.  I don’t know how successful that will be against the Rams.  Peters and Talib aren’t going to fall for that so much.  It was a pleasure to see the Chargers without Travis Benjamin, although the receivers couldn’t really stretch the field without him.  However, they caught the ball, which is something that didn’t happen with Benjamin in there.

When the Patriots played in the 2001 Super Bowl against the Rams, the only way I could get a “Raiders Suck” shirt on eBay was to buy it in a package deal with this one.  It’s good to see I’ve got a use for it.  The Chargers are going to have to play their best football in a quite a while to pull out a win.  True, the Rams haven’t played the best teams in the NFL this season, but the Bolts haven’t won a single game against a tough team since Anthony Lynn took over.  You could argue that the win at Atlanta in 2016 was the last time the Chargers beat a good team.  I don’t mind Barksdale being out, obviously, because he sucks.  But the Rams will put heat on Phil and Sam Tevi is no superstar either.  There were a few times that Rivers got bumrushed in Buffalo, but I couldn’t see who blew their assignment.  Obviously, the Rams have guys who can blow by guy in front of them.

There’s a lot of talk about Gordon and Ekler.  Gordon had three touchdowns in the first half last week, but a lot of people think he’s just average.  He goes down as soon as he’s hit is the common complaint.  I believe Vontae Davis stopped him on 3rd and short on that first series before he retired at halftime.  Gordon had that streak last year where he was physical as all hell.  Of course, it was against the Giants and Raiders.  I do understand the desire to get Ekler more touches, even though his two big fumbles last year are never very far from my mind.  But I don’t know if he’s an every down back like many fans seem to think.  The Chargers have always worked best when the Sproles and Woodhead types are complementary.

Just to remind you how bad things were late in 2016.  That aforementioned Atlanta game was quite the apparition after Wisenhunt decided to ignore Gordon on the goal line in Denver.  It will be interesting to see what the game plan is tomorrow.  Punting in the second half from the Bills’ 40 isn’t so troubling because the Chargers were protecting a lead.  But I feel like tomorrow is the type of game where drives need to be extended and maximized.  Field goals won’t cut it, especially when you miss as many as we do.  I’m thinking of the New England game last year, specifically.  When I saw the Bears go on 4th down in their own territory on Monday, I wondered if we have ever had a coach who would try that.  I don’t know if I’d support going in the first half on your own side of the field, but I do know playing not to lose won’t work.

I don’t know what the official explanation was for Hayward getting burned on that underthrow by Allen.  I know Casey has been an All-Pro, although I don’t know that he’s a natural superstar.  That’s another gaffe that will end us tomorrow.

I know, all I’m doing is being critical.  I can’t help it.  Derwin James looked great once again.  There’s no replacement for talent and that kid has it.  Going back to the negative, Drew Kaser really shit the bed on Sunday.  I do think the Chargers CAN win tomorrow but I’m not sure they will.  They need to be creative and aggressive on offense and that doesn’t mean having Rivers try to do it all himself.  We know how that ends.  Mike Williams has looked really good and I can’t wait for him make Benjamin go away.  But Williams doesn’t strike me as the type to really stretch the field.

On a positive note, Hunter Henry was apparently running with a knee brace last week.  Hopefully there will be a reason for him to come back.  I’m just waiting for the same thing I hope for every time this team has a chance to make a statement.  Maybe tomorrow?

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