Season Predictions Day 2: How will the season end?

Season Predictions Day 2: How will the season end?


Season Predictions Day 2: How will the season end?


In anticipation of opening night against Philly, the Red’s Army staff writers will make their predictions for how the 18-19 season will transpire. Today we look ahead to the end. There are large expectations for this season and it isn’t crazy to imagine the season ending with a championship parade through the city. Do we see it that way? 


Ben Mark: Lose in the NBA Finals

Another step forward on the steep ascent to the top of the NBA mountain. I think the Cs get past the best of the east and try to slay the giant in the Bay Area, but I believe they get schooled first before winning it next season. Golden State in seven, hard-fought games in a series that will match the excitement and quality of the 15-16 thriller that Cleveland won in 7.


John Karalis: Lose in the NBA Finals

The Warriors exist. I believe the Celtics are built to give them a great series, and I think the Celtics CAN win. But if I’m forced to make a prediction, I have to go with the Warriors at this point.


Mike Dynon: Lose in the NBA Finals

I’m optimistic that the Celtics can finally get over the ECF hump on the third try. The Warriors still exist, so I can’t predict Banner 18 — but prove me wrong, Brad.

Liam Green: Head — Lose in the Finals; Heart — Banner 18

Lose in the finals. That’s my head prediction. As for heart…F*** it I’m all in. Banner 18. Unless Boogie Cousins fits that Dubs starting lineup like a glove, Boston matches up with them well enough that winning a title is more possible than many would think.

Jeremy Stevens: Banner 18 

If you can get there, you can win it. Defense, defense, more defense wins Championships.

Chuck M.: Banner 18

I’m convinced the Celtics are good enough to beat GS in the Finals. I’m also counting on some (overdue) misfortune to hit the Warriors as they seek their 5th consecutive Finals appearance. Injuries, fatigue or drama, something is due to derail Golden State.

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