Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier wants to make the most of his free agency

Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier wants to make the most of his free agency

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Your Morning Dump... Where Terry Rozier wants to make the most of his free agency


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“I’m going into my fifth year after this, so I would love to start,” Rozier said. “Nothing is wrong with being the sixth man coming off the bench, but I don’t really look at myself as that. But that’s not my main focus. Of course I want to win. I’ve been a winner all my life, coming through your program and then being with the Boston Celtics.

“I like winning. I don’t know how I can adjust if I try to take a starting job somewhere but I’m playing for an awful team and we’re not winning no more. It’s just something that I don’t think that I can adjust to — being around people that’s OK with just losing.”

“At the same time, it’s like, I still want to keep my options open,” Rozier said. “I feel like I’ve seen a lot in these four years how much a business this is. I think I should get everything I deserve.”


Jumping from a bench role on a winning team to a starting role on another would almost be too good to be true for any NBA player. Rozier had the opportunity of a lifetime to prove his worth by starting in place of an injured Kyrie Irving, where he almost helped the Celtics get to the NBA Finals. It’s a great resumé-builder, but will it help Rozier reach his goals? Can he realistically sign a lucrative deal, earn a starting spot somewhere, and contribute to a winning team? It’s possible, but it seems improbable.

As of right now, Rozier’s stock is fairly low. Whether or not it’s still “too early” to judge the Celtics, 20 games are enough to leave an impression. Teams with Rozier on their wishlist might feel hesitant because they don’t know exactly which version of Rozier they’re getting. Something about being in the starting lineup seems to flip a switch that transforms him from a mediocre bench player to an above average starter, so it might just depend if you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person. That’s assuming teams will take a long, objective look at his body of work.

My prediction: not every team will do that. Jabari Parker is making $20 million this year, mind you. Who’s to say that Phoenix won’t throw the family fortune at Rozier to lock him up for a few years? Maybe they’ll get into a bidding war with Philadelphia, who are desperate to find a functional replacement for Markelle Fultz. The unpredictable Kings could make a move, too. Teams will find a way to use up their cap space one way or another, and if it isn’t used on star talent, it’ll get soaked up by players like Rozier who could theoretically energize any starting lineup. I wouldn’t rule out a return to Boston, although it would be hard to imagine him turning down the money that other teams can offer. A deadline trade wouldn’t surprise me, either.

Rozier spoke with Rick Pitino on his former coach’s podcast here.

On page 2, Mike Gorman signs for three more years

This is the best news any Celtics fan could ask for. Whether or not the product on the court is tolerable (it usually is), having Mike Gorman on the broadcast is a guarantee that watching the Celtics will be enjoyable. It feels like a long time since the Celtics weren’t competitive, yet Marcus Smart was drafted just four years ago to follow up a 25-57 season.

At any rate, I think of Gorman as my life’s personal narrator. He’s the Morgan Freeman of the basketball world. I wish he would do one of those GPS voice packs so I could hear his signature “Got it!” every time I take the correct exit.

Here’s my favorite Mike Gorman moment:

And here’s an example of my favorite, and I mean favorite, Mike Gorman mannerism:

I hope we can keep Mike for a long, and I mean long, time.

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