Conor McGregor teases final fight with Nate Diaz

Conor McGregor teases final fight with Nate Diaz


Conor McGregor teases final fight with Nate Diaz


It’s unclear, at this point in his career, who Conor McGregor will fight next.

McGregor, after all, is not in the same class of some of the elite fighters, as he’s more of a knockout artist, and has no ground game. That’s why he’s been fighting some patsies recently, which have translated to easy wins.

But there is one fighter who really hasn’t been doing much at all, that McGregor knows well, and would actually make for a good fight.

Enter Nate Diaz.

Even though McGregor has won both bouts between the two, the second one was close, as it went to decision. It’s been nearly three years since they last squared off, but don’t be surprised if it happens again soon. McGregor, in speaking to TMZ Sports, made it appear as if a trilogy is already in the works.

“The trilogy will happen,” he said.

“He fought me, he beat me,” McGregor continued. “He gave me a rematch at the exact same weight, there was no hesitation, that’s a true fighter right there … I have nothing but respect … I owe him the trilogy now and the trilogy will happen.”

Looks like it’s happening.

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