76ers Are Preserving Joel Embiid's Energy at This Point

76ers Are Preserving Joel Embiid's Energy at This Point


76ers Are Preserving Joel Embiid's Energy at This Point


The Philadelphia 76ers are set to rest Joel Embiid on Saturday against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The ‘load management’ factor has played a big part in preserving Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid’s health and energy. However, it was never viewed as a positive. . . Until now. Before, when Embiid would miss a game due to ‘load management’ it came off as the Sixers being scared for his health.

After all of the games that Embiid missed early on in his career due to multiple injuries, it seemed like he would never be able to fully compete at his highest-level for long. So in order to ensure that he stays as healthy as possible, the Sixers would keep him on a minutes restriction and give him the night off on occasion. To this day, the Sixers still utilize his time off wisely, but it doesn’t really frustrate anybody anymore.

On Saturday, the Sixers are in Minnesota ready to take on the Timberwolves for Jimmy Butler’s first visit since being traded. Unfortunately, the Sixers’ big man Embiid will not be participating. Don’t worry though, he’s not injured. He’s just taking some more time off for ‘load management.’ And you know what? That’s a great thing.

Take it easy…

While the Sixers were attempting a playoff run last season, their best player ended up suffering an unfortunate injury. Somehow, Embiid got tied up on the court and ended up running into his former teammate, Markelle Fultz. Embiid would drop to the floor holding his face for a while before being helped up off the hardwood. Everybody was worried but was under the assumption that maybe it was just a simple broken nose or something.

Come to find out, Embiid was dealing with a facial issue that would force him to not only miss the rest of the regular season but a game in the playoffs as well. And by the time he did return, he had to complete the postseason wearing a facemask that would cause him to be frustrated throughout the duration of the playoff run.

Fortunately, Embiid has remained healthy ever since his return from knee soreness about a month ago. And as expected, he’s been dominating on the floor. Barring any major disaster (fingers crossed) Embiid should be healthy and better than ever this year for his second-consecutive postseason run. So if the Sixers feel the need to preserve his health and energy with a day off, by all means, make it happen. ‘Load management’ isn’t upsetting anybody towards the end of the season.

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