Analyzing the Good and Bad From 76ers' Loss to the Bucks

Analyzing the Good and Bad From 76ers' Loss to the Bucks


Analyzing the Good and Bad From 76ers' Loss to the Bucks


Apr 4, 2019; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo (34) controls the ball against the Philadelphia 76ers during the fourth quarter at Wells Fargo Center. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

1. The ‘Greek Freak’ was unstoppable

Literally just two days after mocking Embiid for calling himself “unstoppable,” ‘The Greek Freak’ went to the Wells Fargo Center and put on a show. It seemed as though Antetokounmpo could literally do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted on the court. He was unstoppable, and he didn’t need to say it for himself.

His final stats? 13 rebounds, six assists, five blocks, and a whopping 45 points. The Sixers always tend to let a star get their points, but most of the time they come out on top as victorious. Not this time though. Giannis went into full takeover mode, and it was frustrating to watch, to say the least.

2. Why isn’t Tobias Harris getting the ball?

This whole chemistry thing between Tobias Harris and the Sixers isn’t happening as quickly as we thought it would. Sometimes, Harris gets the ball frequently and puts on a show. But on Thursday, he might as well just been on the bench the entire night.

Is Harris just not getting looks? Or is he not making it clear that he is open for opportunities on the court? It’s a puzzling situation that needs to be repaired before the postseason rolls around. For a guy that’s one of the best shooters on the floor, he wasn’t very effective against the Bucks.

3. Ben Simmons is in playoff mode… Which is bad

When I say Ben Simmons is in playoff mode, I’m not talking about Ben Simmons in the first round against the Miami Heat. I’m talking about Ben Simmons in the second round against the Boston Celtics. For a guy who was a first-overall pick, rookie of the year, and an All-Star, Ben Simmons should be taking over games like this when he’s needed. Instead, he disapeared.

In 36 minutes of game time, Simmons took five shots. I can go on all day about how he won’t shoot the ball from anywhere outside of short-range, but taking only five total shots for a guy of his caliber is pathetic. Six points simply isn’t going to cut it. Simmons needs to figure it out before the postseason, because he cannot show up like this again in the playoffs.

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