Your Morning Dump... Giving up easy buckets in transition: a memoir by last night's Celtics

Your Morning Dump... Giving up easy buckets in transition: a memoir by last night's Celtics

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Your Morning Dump... Giving up easy buckets in transition: a memoir by last night's Celtics


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Pistons shot 60.3 percent against one of the league’s best defenses and dominated the second half. The Celtics looked overwhelmed and frustrated, unable to even run a clean fast break without an errant pass or missed layup.

Celtics coach Brad Stevens tried giving his front-line players a chance at rallying, despite a 16-point fourth-quarter deficit, but finally relented with just more than two minutes left. It was the Celtics’ most embarrassing loss of the season, considering Detroit is missing three starters, including All-Star Blake Griffin.

Derrick Rose, the former MVP, blasted the Celtics’ defense with 11-for-13 shooting and 22 points. Rookie Sekou Doumbouya scored 24 points on 10-for-13 shooting. Markieff Morris, mired in a major slump, scored 23 points in 22 minutes. The Pistons seemingly hit every open shot and every contested shots.

They were 35 for 46 on 2-point shots.


First of all, what did we talk about last week getting off to slow starts? The Celtics had to go full throttle against a lowly Pistons team just to reclaim the lead by halftime.

With that aside, the Celtics got absolutely torched on the defensive side of the ball. Here’s a riddle: What is a surefire way to allow a team to shoot over 60% against you?

Give up? Brad Stevens has the answer.

The baskets you can never give away are the cuts, the layups, and the transition when they just get behind you and drive to the rim,” said Brad Stevens. “You always start there. I’m guessing they had 20 points on those, maybe more? Right there you’re probably getting beat in most NBA games, if you give up that easy a plays.”


The Celtics had 15 turnovers in which the Pistons scored 18 points. Add in some clutch shots by Rose and Doubouya and you get another bad Celtics home loss. Jayson Tatum was out with knee discomfort, and his presence on the court was sore-ly missed.

Now, I’m an optimist, and there were some highlights in the drubbing the C’s took last night both on and off the court:

  1. A nifty move by Wanamaker, who I think has done a great job leading the second unit
  2. The Lakers also lost to a team with a losing record (makes me feel a little better)
  3. Some fun facts from Sean Grande

And also:

Celtics point guard Kemba Walker knows he has to be better.

“I’m more upset about my individual play than anything right now,’’ Walker said Wednesday night after his team’s uninspiring 116-103 loss to the Detroit Pistons. “It starts with me. I have to be better for my teammates.’’

This to me is also very telling about this Celtics team. While last year’s star may have said something else, Kemba is owning up to his poor play, not pointing fingers, and is set on righting the ship. He can start by doing that tonight against the Bucks.

On Page 2, the injury bug bites Jaylen Brown.

An up and down night for Jaylen saw him drop 24 points and 12 rebounds but also miss all five of his free throw attempts. He also appeared to have sprained his thumb, having it heavily under wraps after the game.

“I’m working with the staff to figure out the plan for tomorrow,” Brown said.

The injury occurred in the middle of the game when Brown ran into Pistons forward Markieff Morris. Brown said he doesn’t believe the injury is “too bad.” He added that he hadn’t had any tests done after the game.

“I guess we’ll see,” he said. “We didn’t really have time because we’ve got a back-to-back. I told them, ‘Just see how it feels in the morning and we’ll go from there.’”


Missing both Brown and Tatum tonight against the Bucks in Milwaukee would not be an ideal scenario, but the long-term health of the duo should be the top priority for Brad and the medical staff.

And, finally, Gordon’s got some new kicks.

I love these shoes Gordon wore last night. He’s gone through a lot this season, and much like with his home life he’s always kept a positive attitude. after all, Daddy’s always happy.

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