As Everyone Expected, A Surprise

As Everyone Expected, A Surprise


As Everyone Expected, A Surprise


Yes, I started using #bettersignbosa as a hashtag the day he signed.  No, I don’t think there was any correlation.  The Chargers don’t listen to anything I say anyway.  The team has been very nice about me publishing the book, since it contains a lot of Bolt content.  Of course, you could argue that you can’t copyright my insane obsession with this stupid team.  Anyway, I did tell them repeatedly during our exchanges that they could not afford to let him walk.  We were lucky that Telesco’s pick panned out and it would be awful to see him go elsewhere.  Did we overpay?  We had to.  Everybody overpays.  I don’t remember who posted this on Twitter, otherwise I would credit them:

Lots of people repeat the “Spanos is Cheap” or the “Chargers don’t pay their players”.   They could not be more wrong.   Here’s a few examples : 
2020: Bosa, guaranteed money highest for any defensive player in history.
2000: Jr. Seau, Highest paid Linebacker in league history.
2004: LT, Highest paid running back in league history.
2005: Philip Rivers, Contract makes him among highest paid players in the league.
2010: Antonio Gates, highest paid Tight End in league history.
2011: Eric Weddle, highest paid safety in league history.
This is not to mention that the Chargers routinely are in the top tier of the league in salary cap spending. 
Know your team.
Look, we hate Dean.  If you live in San Diego, you really hate Dean.  The other two owners of teams I follow are Fred Wilpon (for now) and James Dolan.  I think we can agree that most owners suck.  But the belief that we won’t pay for top-tier talent has been around for a while.  It was also hovering around during Alex Spanos and Gene Klein’s tenure.  But I get it.  The perception was that the Chargers don’t make the deals needed to themselves in a position to win that first title.  They moved to LA and they still are seen as renters who are only there because they can’t afford to get their own stadium built.  They even have to split an HBO series.  So this move was as symbolic as it was practical.  However, it was the absolute right one and I am so ecstatic, relieved and surprised the Chargers did it.
We have all been worrying and assuming Bosa wanted to leave and not just to join his brother.  For once, we were wrong and it’s a good thing.  Am I a little concerned that Bosa showed up to camp with his deal done but looking like David Carradine in Revenge of the Nerds?
Forget the flattop, does he have vision issues we need to know about?  Are these cosmetic, a la every celebrity ever?  I know, just be happy he’s a Charger.  Seriously, I love that Melvin Gordon didn’t get a deal and revealed himself to be a bitch.  Now, according to Jim Trotter, Telesco is trying to extend Keenan Allen.  The Chargers seem to be doing everything right this offseason which only means that there will be no actual season.
But that’s a whole other thing.  Anyway, enjoy this. Bolt The Fuck Up. #BTFU
You’ll notice a lot more activity this week also because it’s Jerry’s 78th tomorrow and the anniversary of his death on the 9th.  “The Days Between,” it is now called.  I still like “Jerry Week.”  So if it’s not your thing, just skip over those posts until the 10th when it’s back to football, if there is any.
Enjoy the weekend, stay safe, and thanks to those who have bought and enjoyed the book.

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