Tennis; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!

Tennis; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!


Tennis; The Good, The Bad And The Ugly!


Tennis is a much loved sport played all over the world with a huge following, it is said to be one of the british royal families favorite sports to watch and they are avid fans. They are often spotted in the audience of tournaments such as wimbledon.

It is a complete misconception that tennis is a simple game, tennis is a skilled sport and if you are talented enough to make it to a professional level then you are of a selective few. Some tennis players are earning huge sums of money and having very lucrative deals on hand.

There are things however that as fans no one thinks about, for instance the way in which tennis players have to look after their equipment. Tennis rackets being one of the main ones, they need attention paying to them with many professionals having to make decisions like how to pick a tennis stringing professional or machine when it comes to having the perfect racket.

Popularity of tennis 

When many people think about tennis they do not realise how popular it is, tennis used to be and sometimes still is referred to as a posh person’s game. With Wimbledon being amongst some of the most prestigious houses in London and the love of strawberries and cream being associated with the game it is easy to see why. The popularity in watching female tennis players is at its highest.

Tennis is however not without injuries that can retire a player before their time. With injuries like tennis elbow, tears to the shoulder and wrist injuries it is important that a player uses the correct equipment. This is why many tennis players obtain sponsorship deals and gain the best possible equipment available.

Apr 4, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Hubert Hurkacz of Poland (L) shakes hands with Jannik Sinner of Italy (R) after their match in the men’s singles final in the Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Online watching 

Tennis now has a wide following online with tickets being sold out as soon as they go on sale. Tennis is watched around the world on the tv, many channels will dedicate the whole channel to it while tournaments are in play. These tournaments can be played as singles, doubles same sex or mixed couples.

To become a professional tennis player takes dedication, with many players this is their life. Eating, breathing and dreaming tennis is the only way to become a professional. Special diets, daily training and exercise are a necessary to get any further than it being a hobby.

Punishments for bad behaviour

Due to the sponsorships that come with being a professional player it is very rare to see a tennis player being photographed on wild nights out. That is why most tennis players are very disciplined. 

The same is said for on the tennis court, if a player is seen to throw a tantrum or fit by something known as tennis racket abuse they will be punished. When referring to tennis racket abuse, it is not just the racket that gets damaged. Due to the nature of throwing the racket this will often leave damage to the court itself, this is something that is rarely left unpunished, players will receive fines.

In 2019 Serena Williams was fined a whacking fine of $10,000 dollars for damaging a court during practice! Now that is one expensive practice session, she is also said to be the most fined female player ever !!

Apr 4, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Luisa Stefani of Brazil and Hayley Carter of the United States in action against Ena Shibahara of Japan and Shuko Aoyama of Japan (both not pictured) in the women’s doubles final in the Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Female versus male tennis

In many sports that are publicly watched and followed, whether it is online or in the paper, mens sports do seem to dominate most of our screens. Basketball, soccer, baseball are whether we like it or not still very much seen as a male sport. This may be changing but it is harder to put on the television to view women’s soccer live, although these sports do get aired online it is harder to find them.

Tennis however has been a huge womens sport for many years now. With the women’s tournaments being aired equally as much as the mens. In Fact many tennis fans are into the women’s games more than the mens.if you question a sports fan about tennis they will be able to tell you a number of females who have made it their profession. The samae can not be said for soccer sadly.


Tennis is definitely an equally supported sport for both males and females. With the profession being a tough one to get into and maintain a good standard of play internationally, it is good to see that tennis is being recognised as a game for everyone to enjoy. With more children taking an interest and the sport being now recognised as one not just for the financially well off it is the most popular it has ever been.

Some of the most famous female sports personalities are indeed tennis players, with tennis now not just for the queen or kings court, it is great to see how internationally the sports success has rocketed. The next time that Wimbledon is on do not forget those ever important strawberries with cream accompanied by a nice cold glass of champers, after all …Darlings,  there are just some traditions that are meant to stay! And that is most definitely one of them. Chin chin!

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