Chris Jones Wants to Stay in Kansas City Long Term

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones

Chris Jones is coming off a new one-year deal with $25 million with incentives. Of course, this is a re-worked contract after he held out all offseason. Jones was the heart and soul of the Kansas City defensive line all last season and they needed his production. Especially since they were already a middle of the pack defensive unit in the first place. However, Chris Jones has recently said he wants to the stay with the Chiefs long term which has to ease some tension among the Kansas City faithful.

“I’m glad to be back this year…I’m hoping we can get something worked out after the year for the long term,” Jones said. “I’ve reiterated multiple times I plan to play for the Kansas City Chiefs for the long haul of my career. That doesn’t change because of the past situation.”

This is music to Kansas City fans’ ears.

Chris Jones Wants to Stay With the Kansas City Chiefs for the “Long Haul”

Kansas City’s Defense Missed Him Week One

The Chiefs fell to the Detroit Lions in the week one opener. The defense sorely missed Chris Jones as Jared Goff, quarterback of the Lions, seemingly had a clean pocket most of the night. He was hardly pressured throughout the game. In the end, it made a difference as Detroit squeaked by with a one-point win resulting in a 21-20 victory. As alluded to already, Kansas City was a middle-tier defense with Jones last season. In week one, they looked even worse without Jones on the line causing havoc. The fact that the Chiefs were able to re-work his deal for this year could be a difference maker going forward.

Can Chris Jones Continue to Make a Significant Impact?

Chris Jones should be in store for another solid year. He is entering his eighth season of his career and could be in the middle of his prime. After all, he did log 15.5 sacks last year which tied his career-best. Not to mention, Jones also made an All-Pro Team to go along with a third straight Pro Bowl selection. Clearly, Chris Jones has earned his money and it makes sense why he held out from his perspective. However, based on his latest comments, it seems like Chiefs fans will not have to worry about retaining Chris Jones for awhile now.

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