Nadal And Djokovic Chase Elusive 23rd Grand Slam Title

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In a move that surprised no one, Novak Djokovic was crowned the 2023 Australian Open champion on January 29, 2023.

It was the 10th Australian Open championship of the 35-year-old Serbian’s illustrious career.

Djokovic is 1/3 of the Big 3 along with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal who have won 64 Grand Slam titles collectively.

He is now tied with Nadal with 22 Grand Slam tournament wins; the retired Swiss legend Roger Federer is in third position with 20.

With the French Open on the horizon and the quest for 23 ongoing, which man will get there first?

The odds on favorite is Djokovic, and here are the reasons why.


Djokovic Is Younger And Healthier

Nadal And Djokovic Chase Elusive 23rd Grand Slam Title

While the two players are close in age, Djokovic is slightly younger.

He will turn 36 on May 22 whereas Nadal turns 37 a few weeks later on June 3.

Djokovic has not been injury free in his career, but in general, his injuries have been lesser than Nadal’s.

Nadal has experienced severe injuries with the most recent one being a hip injury that occurred in Australia causing him to be bounced out of the tournament way earlier than expected particularly since he was the defending champion.


Nadal’s Health Is Uncertain

In a normal scenario, everyone would predict that Nadal would be in line to overtake Djokovic in Paris at Roland Garros.

After all, Nadal has won an unprecedented 14 French Open titles at Roland Garros.

He is the odds-on favorite if healthy because he is the greatest clay court player who has ever played the game.

His injuries and advancing age along with the ease with which Djovokic marched through the Australian Open men’s draw to claim his 10th title are the reasons that Djokovic could get to 23 sooner.


French Open May Not Be The Decider

Djokovic has only won two French Opens in his career.

If Nadal is not 100% or worse yet cannot play, it is very possible that someone else could win the French Open.

Tennis fans have been waiting for other players to break through and decimate the Big 3’s grip on the major tournaments, so they could get their wish in Paris.


Djokovic Has The Advantage As 2023 Goes On

Because Djokovic’s game is more suited to Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, he has the advantage.

He has 7 Wimbledon titles and 3 U.S. Opens on his impressive resume; whereas 2 Wimbledon titles and 4 U.S. Opens on his.

No matter who gets to 23 or beyond, the argument of the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all Time) will go on for years as legions of fans are divided between the members of the Big 3.

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