Now It’s Getting Real

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Even I can feel it and God knows I don’t get excited for the fall the way I once did.  That’s what being a Charger fan (even or especially one in New York) will do to you.  But I can sense that this team has almost all the pieces in place.  I see what all the “experts” see in the Chargers.  I also see all the reasons that those NFL pundits are hesitant to predict great things for the Bolts.

Now It's Getting Real

The kicking situation, if that’s what we want to call it, is of course troubling.  I was one of the people pushing for Koo last summer.  I don’t hide from it.  Lambo was a choker.  He kicked the ball into the sideline against Tampa practically, lost the Cleveland game, and laughed it up with Janikowski after the loss at Oakland.  Of course, he was great for the Jags, but hindsight is 20/20.  Of course there is the possibility that WE are the problem, not the players that suit up.  I don’t buy the idea that the Chargers are cursed because they left San Diego.  Anyone who says that is a heartbroken San Diegan who has every reason to feel that way.  But if you ask them personally, they will admit that the Chargers were plenty cursed in San Diego too.

I wish they weren’t LA, but the status quo wasn’t working.  The city basically called the Spanos’ (and every other greedy owner’s) bluff and the team left.  I agree that they were never negotiating in good faith and clearly had one foot out the door.  But I think there was blame on both sides and I sure as shit don’t want to sound like President #couldntevenmaketheusflgreatagain.

But the team is in LA.  That isn’t likely to change any time soon.  So let’s deal with the kicker.  Sturgis is probably going to start the season as the starter.  That seems smart since he doesn’t seem to have the history of choking that the other guy does.  It’s great that Sturgis comes from a team that actually won a Super Bowl, even if they did it after he got injured.

You probably saw this, but if you didn’t it’s worth a look.  Phil looks lean this year, huh?  I saw some scrambling against Seattle and had to make sure it WAS Rivers.  He looked fucking nimble.  The first team offense seemed in mid-season form.  I still think we should sign Gates.  I also know that he could come in at any time so if Green and Culkin suck they could make a deal.

Melvin Gordon looked strong, even if the new helmet rule concerns him and Anthony Lynn.  Melvin Ingram is still making me eat my words since he signed his new deal last year.  He might jump offsides every now and then or get a roughing penalty but that is easily made up for with the havoc he wreaks.

I did love reading Ricky Henne’s Tweet this week.  On the Chargers’ “Backstage” program, which I might actually watch this year, he asks “Alexis” to play Motown music.  I assume this was in tribute to Aretha Franklin, but is genius.

There’s a little Aretha with King Curtis for you and Gus Bradley.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Drew Brees and Phil getting along so well.  It would be better if Rivers had a ring too.  Maybe if Gus Bradley asks Alexis to come up with a bounty program this year?

Anyway, enjoy tomorrow night.  Hope for zero injuries, obviously.

If you don’t have Showtime, I highly recommend the new Skynyrd, which you can find here.



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