Rapid Recap: Celtics beat Raptors in shootout for 4th straight win

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Boston Celtics

The Celtics’ run of quality play continued with a 132-125 win over a COVID-shorthanded (but still pretty decent) Raptors team. Toronto didn’t look undermanned or like they were on a back-to-back, with Norman Powell, Kyle Lowry and Aron Baynes aggressively firing jumpers. By contrast, Jayson Tatum (27-12-5-2!) focused on drives and Tristan Thompson (13-3-1) stayed busy in the low post. The teams traded marginal leads until Boston’s proclivity for turnovers and Toronto’s shotmaking put the latter ahead 34-31 to end Q1.

The Cs stayed more or less that far behind for a while during Q2 as Raptor sharpshooting continued. Kemba Walker-fueled surges and impressive plays by the bench (particularly Grant Williams, who’d finish with 17 points) couldn’t change that before the first half expired. I was starting to think the game was in some sort of time-loop: The “Celtics down by 1 to 3 points” pattern continued until about the 9:00 mark of Q3, when a string of aggressive plays led by Tatum and Jaylen Brown (21-7-4 plus a block) put Boston in front again with an 18-7 run. This seemed to flip the teams’ dynamics; henceforth the Raptors offense was kinda off-kilter and the Cs looked mostly like a well-oiled machine.

As Toronto’s exhaustion started to get the better of them, Boston built and kept a lead, and from about the 7:00 mark until the final 3 minutes wavered between high single and low double digits. While those final moments got hairy because of All The Raptors Threes, Tatum and the Celtics played juuuust enough defense to block a Raptors rally.

Now for your usual blend of highlights, analysis, jokes and Twitter ephemera:

We all do, man, we all do. Now for something more invigorating:

Computer, the visual:



In reference to a Terrence Davis and-one some fans found dubious (I personally didn’t know what to think one way or the other):

Jaylen in transition:

ROB DUNK KING off a Jayson dime:


GRANT showing the range:


Couldn’t resist:


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