Rapid Recap: Jaylen, Jayson split Nuggets into fool’s gold


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The Denver Nuggets have given the Boston Celtics a lot of grief in the regular season during recent years, and I kinda thought tonight would be more of the same. But Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum said to that, “Nah, not tonight.” Loudly and with authority.

Tatum led the Cs with a 26-7-5 game, while Brown wasn’t far behind at 21-7-2 and also dunked on my longtime nemesis Jamal Murray with the force of a thermonuclear f**king bomb. Kemba Walker didn’t have as many wild highlights but contributed 19 on 50% shooting. But this felt like a whole-squad win—everyone making at least a few substantive contributions. After all, it takes a whole team to lock down a team capable of mind-boggling offensive explosions like Denver. (On their side of the ledger, Nikola Jokic had an outstanding, efficient 30-10-4…and Murray, the next-highest scoring Nugget, had 10. It reaaaaallllllyyyy was not their night.) The 108-95 final score does not reflect how far ahead Boston was at times—as far up as 23.

The first quarter started with Boston taking advantage of a squad that, from get-go, seemed logy and confused without their high-altitude home advantage:

Jokic is, of course, a legit superstar, and wasn’t gonna do nothing:

Yet the Celtics also successfully baited him into two fouls as brain-destroyingly dumb as anything Rob Williams has done all season (no easy feat, that). As the clock ticked, Boston only seemed more and more in control:

It became increasingly clear that Jokic was as strong tonight as the rest of his team was weak. The Celtics took a 53-45 lead into the half—hardly insurmountable for a team as good as the Nuggets generally are—and then began pouring on real punishment through Q3:

Jayson even stared the camera guys down AGAIN in the bit below. I think our young fella is quite happy with The Moment that a nationally televised game vs. a Western title contender represents.

You said it. And it kept on coming:

If Javonte Green is basically dunking on your whole team, your whole team is dead. I’m sorry, but I don’t make the rules. (All respect to Javonte, who can definitely dunk outside of garbage time, just maybe not with as much English as he put on this one.)

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