The Laver Cup’s Identity Crisis: Is It An Exhibition Or Competitive Event?

FAA Frances Tiafoe

The Laver Cup is an entertaining team tennis event that pits Team World against Team Europe.

It has a bit of a Davis Cup feel, but with the black court and red and blue lights, there is more glamour and glitz involved with it including a red carpet event that precedes the event.

That’s why it is not completely surprising that French tennis star Gael Monfils’s approach to his match against Canada’s Felix Auger-Aliassame was to view it as entertainment for a stadium full of fans.

Monfils is a showman on the court, and he never played Laver Cup before.

During his singles match with FAA, it was obvious that there was tension between the two players.

FAA was approaching it as a serious match, and Monfils treated it like an exhibition.

This is the underlying issue with the Laver Cup; it has an identity crisis.

In this particular case, FAA was competing at home; he was more intense because there was more personally at stake for him.

Pros And Cons Of The Laver Cup

The biggest pros of this event are Roger Federer who is behind the creation of the event and Rod Laver who the event is named after.

The cons of this event are twofold.

  1. The time of year it is played is after the U.S. Open when players are either tired, injured, or gearing up for year-end events.
  2. Ranking points are not gained by wins and losses, but the head-to-head wins and losses are recorded on a player’s record.

Now that Federer is retired, it will be interesting to see how this event evolves or even if it continues in the future.

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