The Livest Dog at UFC Vegas 45: Josh Parisian

Name: Josh Parisian

Opponent: Don’Tale Mayes

Odds: +170 (bet $100 to win $170) **Odds at FanDuel Sportsbook

One thing that we’ve seen out of Josh Parisian over the course of his career is that he is quite good on the ground. His takedowns are perhaps not as refined as they need to be, but his ability to keep fighters there for an extended period of time seems to work out for him. He also has, especially for his size, a relatively good gas tank. He fought Parker Porter through three hard rounds and was able to stay right in there the whole time.

His opponent, Don’Tale Mayes, does not have those same things to his credit. Twice in the UFC, it’s looked as if he was out of ideas on the mat. If you go back to his loss on the Contender Series, it was the same issue. He certainly has big KO power, but it’s been nearly two and a half years since he’s landed a big blow. I think Parisian avoids that here as well and wears on Mayes for a late finish.

2021 Record: 14-24 (4 withdrawals)
Earnings (based on $100 bet/event): -$94
Return on Investment: 0.1%

2018-20 Record: 45-72 (+1.1%)

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