Phillips Defense vs. Colts Offense

Phillips Defense vs. Colts Offense

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Phillips Defense vs. Colts Offense


Last year, the Cowboys managed to slow down the Colts high-octane offense. In doing so, the Cowboys defeated the Colts 14-21. So, the Parcells 3-4 was effective, and the Cowboys offense kept pace.

This year the Cowboys will be running the attacking Phillips 3-4, which brings constant pressure on the QB at all times. The Cowboys should be able to slow down the Colts first team offense in this first preseason game.

Let’s take a quick look and see how effective the Phillips 3-4 was against the Colts, in previous season’s while he was in San Diego. The Chargers met the Colts twice in the regular season while Phillips was their defensive coordinator:

2004 – @Indy 31-34 (L) (12-4)

2005 – @Indy 26-17 (W) (9-7)

So, Phillips has a good idea of what the Colts will bring to the game, he knows about their passing and running game, he’s very familiar with Peyton Manning. Manning & Co.will probably have their hands full with this version of the Phillips 3-4 with our player personnel.

The test will come with LB coverage. I’ll be looking close at how the LBs handle the schemes against the Colts offense. We’ll get a good look at Ken Hamlin, he’s been looking good in camp, so people are having high hopes that this FS has been nailed down.

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