New Romo, Barber, Owens Contracts Growing Fast

New Romo, Barber, Owens Contracts Growing Fast


New Romo, Barber, Owens Contracts Growing Fast


The Cowboys have been playing at a whole new level this year, and with that success comes some big fat contracts for two if our major stars on offense; Romo and Barber. Romo is expected to get a new deal, and supposedly talks are continueing between Romo’s camp and Jerry. At this point, the talks do not seem deep in discussion, but with every game Romo puts in the bag, he’ll be adding big bucks to his contract. The Cowboys could actually use the dreaded franchise tag on Romo for two straight years if they wanted to, but the Cowboys won’t do that. So far, Romo is putting in some All-Pro numbers and winning games with his decision making on the field and that’s what we need for years to come. Romo is our QB, and it would be wise to lock him up sooner than later. There’s no rush by either side, and by the way Romo is playing, he may not be in any rush either. I’m sure he knows with every win he’s adding another couple of million to his overall contract.

Marion Barber hired Drew Rosenhaus as his new agent, and that means he’s going to get big buck$, and he will get the money he’ll be looking for. Barber is a huge asset and a big contributor in this new offense. Its clear that Barber is featured more as the playmaking back than Julius Jones is right now, and Julius is probably gone after this year. Barber voided the last year of his rookie contract, so that makes him a restricted free agent after this season. I would say extend Barber right now, during the season rather than later.

Jason Garrett is going to be hot on peoples coaching list, and its already been rumored that several teams are looking at him. If I were Jerry, I would extend Garrett as well, and lock him up with some incentives or something to keep him here a few years.

Terrell Owens is another player Jerry may want to consider giving a new contract too as well, its more likely that Owens may get something new done at the end of the season. Owens is our Irvin for this Cowboys squad, and locking him up for his remaining career should be atop that list. He’s a proven player, his teammates like him, and he’s more than effective in our offense. Its a win-win locking up Owens and let him retire a Cowboy. Extend Owens for another 3-4 years. Owens is already hinting he wants to be here longterm, and I say heck yeah, stay here!

“I do feel like a Cowboy,” T.O. said. “At this point in time, I definitely would like to retire here and go into the Hall of Fame as a Cowboy. It’s a lot of fun right now.”

T.O. said he could see himself playing for another three to five seasons. He’ll turn 34 in December, but he’s a fitness freak who definitely doesn’t look his age. But he doesn’t expect to play into his 40s like former 49ers teammate Jerry Rice.

“Jerry had a unique and uncanny love for the game,” T.O. said. “That, that’s the difference between he and I. He grew up with that football mentality and that was his dream. As far as for me, it’s something I fell into. I’m very athletic. I’m able to do a lot of things. I’m very competitive, so that’s pretty much my drive.” (DMN)

So, if you’re looking ahead, Jerry and Stephen Jones are going to be very busy with new contracts for these guys. The Cowboys also have Terence Newman on the horizon too, his rookie contract has one year remaining after this season.

In addition to all these new contracts that could be coming soon, you’ll have another sizable contract for next year’s first round pick, which we’ll be getting from the Browns. And if you’re thinking McFadden, get ready, that dude is going to get paid buckets of cash, whether its from the Cowboys or some other team, he will get paid. I wouldn’t be surprised if McFadden gets the best in the business in Drew Rosenhaus once he officially goes pro after this season.

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