Poll: Who's #1 in Miami?

Poll: Who's #1 in Miami?


Poll: Who's #1 in Miami?



Being only a Dolphins fan, I didn’t really know how to feel about LeBron James coming to Miami. On one hand, as a general sports fan, I can’t wait to see the three-headed monster take the floor together. I’m also excited for many Dolphin fans who happen to be Heat fans. But part of me is a little worried that the Heat have overtaken the hearts of the city of Miami, and everyone is going to forget about the Dolphins.

Well, that’s a little extreme, but the Dolphins have always been No. 1 in Miami, and now they will possibly be playing in the shadow of King James. Maybe that will relieve some of the pressure that has come with signing Karlos Dansby, trading for Brandon Marshall, and Stephen Ross predicting a Super Bowl to go along with Chad Henne becoming the next Dan Marino.

Still though, you don’t want the fans to except failure, just because they have a basketball team to take solace in. You want expectations to be where they are at. So, I’m curious, for those South Florida area sports fans, who do you feel like is number one to the city? Not who is your favorite. Not who you think has the better chance at winning a title. Just who you feel the city of Miami cherishes the most.

Miami Dolphins-The Dolphins were the first relevant thing to happen to South Florida sports. They won the hearts of the city, when they went to three straight Super Bowls, undefeated in 1972, and defended their crown in 73′. That tradition continued, as Don Shula became the all-time winning-est coach, the Dolphins captured the league’s highest all-time winning percentage, and a quarterback from Pittsburgh lit up the city with accolades and record breaking performances for 17 years. They haven’t captured a title in nearly forty years, but the Dolphins made Miami what it has been- a football town. After what was the worst stretch of seasons in franchise history, a new regime has given fans a reason to believe the glory days are on the verge of a comeback.

Miami Heat-The Heat were born in 1988, but were really an after-thought on the Miami sports scene until the arrival of Dwyane Wade. With Wade, the Heat started winning, and after a trade that brought in Shaquille O’Neal, they landed the NBA title in 2006. They have struggled some since, but D-Wade has always given fans a reason to show up, and tune in. And now, of course, the unprecedented alliance of two superstars, and a lesser star, and more importantly, the landing of one of sports’ most iconic figures, has captivated the whole country. Will the presence of this super team give the city of Miami a new identity? Or will tradition hold it’s own?

Miami Hurricanes-The Hurricanes followed the Dolphins’ lead in the 1980’s, establishing a dynasty of their own. Overall, they’ve brought the city five national championships, and have built what has been a national powerhouse with a little swagger and controversy sprinkled in. They have been known for being a pro football factory, as well. High-profile names like Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Jim Kelly, and Micheal Irvin all strapped on the green and orange.

Florida Marlins-Former Dolphins’ owner Wayne Huizenga founded the Marlins in 1991. Despite struggling to put fans in the seats, the Marlins have won two World Series titles (97′, 03′). They will probably always play second fiddle to the teams above though, just because baseball will never be bigger than football, or even basketball in Miami. And I think most fans just want them to move to their new stadium already, so the Dolphins don’t have to play on that in-field dirt every September.

Florida Panthers- Miami has a hockey team?


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