Coughlin Hints That Cowboys Will Trade Down

Coughlin Hints That Cowboys Will Trade Down

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Coughlin Hints That Cowboys Will Trade Down


I came across this write up by Matt Mosley, and it provides an intriguing nugget of news in regards to the Cowboys trading down from the #9 pick. Mosley describes a conversation he had with Giants HC Tom Coughlin.

But my much-maligned “top 10” mock draft that was chided by none other than Tom Coughlin took a hit Sunday night based on a conversation with a high-ranking Cowboys source. Call it a smoke screen if you want, but I now believe the Cowboys are far more interested in trading down in the first round than staying home and taking Smith. (FXSports)

It begs the question, does Coughlin really know anything about what the Cowboys plan on doing for the draft? Sounds a little far fetched that a hated divisional rival would have inside information, but at this stage of the game, you just never know. However, if the Cowboys are leaning towards trading down, there will be some great options. We know the Cowboys have been doing their due diligence and have interviewed the nation’s top offensive lineman. I would be happy with Castanzo, Carimi, or Solder if we pass on Tyron Smith.

Somehow I think Jerry Jones will be wheeling and dealing to draft someone in the teens and possibly keep dropping to the 20s; draft a player, then package picks to move back into the first or move up in the 2nd round. If this is the case, do the Cowboys target Mike Pouncey and bounce Gurode to guard, and then immediately draft another offensive lineman like the versatile Danny Watkins to address RT? I don’t feel comfortable with that scenario, but could it happen?

Simply put, the first two picks could easily be offensive lineman, and Cowboys nation should have some relief, because we desperately need to revamp the line. I think everything else comes in the subsequent selections.

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