RIP Kenny Geidel

RIP Kenny Geidel


RIP Kenny Geidel


Sad day for Pittsburgh sports. Kenny Geidel, better known as Cotton Candy Guy at Pens games or Lemonade Guy at Pirates games, passed away today. 

His voice was the soundtrack to many summer nights for me at PNC Park and winter evenings in Civic Arena.

If everybody was as passionate and as professional about their job as he was, the world would be a much better place.

He’ll never be forgotten by sports fans in Pittsburgh and I certainly hope that the Pirates and Penguins honor him in some way.



Lots of heartfelt reaction on Kenny Geidel’s passing out there from other Pittsburgh fans, bloggers and media outlets. What is the most touching to me is that Bob Nutting and David Morehouse both released statements about Geidel and how much he met to the Pirates and Penguins, respectively. There are very few sports franchises out there who would put that time and effort into a concession worker. Reason number 3985235 that Pittsburgh is the greatest city in the world. 

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