A Beginners Guide to Golf

A Beginners Guide to Golf


A Beginners Guide to Golf


Many people consider golf to be an elite sport. It tends to be played by men who wear funny looking shorts and interesting colors. Although that may be the stereotypical game of golf, it is becoming increasingly popular and accessible for everyone. When you start out with golf, it can be intimidating. That is especially true if you are around others who are more experienced at the game. When you take these tips into consideration, however, it can increase your game and your confidence at the same time.

Start with Lessons

When it comes to taking instruction, most people tend to be stubborn. They refuse to learn from others in many cases and opt for learning out a book. The problem is not all books are going to give you the proper instructions and sometimes, it can lead to bad habits that are very difficult to break. It is necessary to use a golf pro if you want to learn the basics but as your game improves, you will see benefits that last.

Continue to Practice Putting

When it comes to obsessiveness over golf practice, most people go to the driving range and hit one ball after another. This may help to a certain extent with that technique but the majority of golfers ignore the short game, putting. Did you realize that half of the strokes in a game of golf take place on the green? The time you spend practicing your putting is well worth it.

Practice Your Grip

The hands are the only part of your body that come into contact with the club during a game of golf. That is why improving your grip is so important. You can learn from the experts when it comes to your grip. There are 3 main types: the baseball, Vardon, and interlocking. You need to decide which is best for your game. It can take months to learn the proper grip so it is important to continue to practice. That is true, even if you aren’t hitting balls. You can even practice gripping a golf club while you are watching TV.

Go to the Driving Range

A driving range allows you to hit some balls without worrying about going out and finding them. It’s also a good place to get some instruction and guidance. You might get a few pointers from a professional but this is typically because they are interested in your business. One of the benefits of using a driving range is that it lets you try out different clubs at no cost. Hitting a few balls with those clubs is a great way to deal with stress and you walk away feeling good.

Try Cavity-Back Clubs

Many people prefer the peripheral-weighted clubs, also known as the cavity-back club. They tend to carry a prominent sweet spot because of the oversized head. You will likely get a better result because you have more of the club that works well for the impact. Not only does it improve your game, you can also reduce any bad shots that may take place with a traditional club. Beginners can take advantage of cavity-back clubs and they are even used by pros. Younger players would benefit from a beginner set or a half set of these clubs. https://golferfx.com/ has a wide range of great guides on the matter.

Continue to Learn the Etiquette

One of the important factors that is sometimes overlooked is golf etiquette. You may end up in a wide variety of problems if you don’t understand it and you might not even realize what went wrong. For example, if you happen to roll your trolley against the green, the greenkeeper is not going to be very happy about it. Playing golf slowly can also cause issues with those who are behind you. If you play with someone who is experienced, spend the time learning from them and it will keep you from looking bad on the course.

Get Secondhand Balls

Many people have a problem getting started with golf and you might lose a lot of balls. Obviously, this could be expensive. You can sometimes buy used balls from retailers that have been fished out of water hazards and you get them for much less. There are even some entrepreneurs who collect them and sell them for the money. Just be cautious that they don’t steal your balls and attempt to sell them back to you.

Prepare for around

It can take up to four hours to play a round of golf, depending upon the circumstances. It is important to prepare in advance. Some of the things you might want to include are raingear, a snack, drink, a pen for your scorecard and enough balls to last for the day.

Don’t Allow Other Golfers to Pressure You

Don’t get overly concerned about other golfers who may be playing behind you, unless you are playing very slow. You can let them pass if you don’t want them to see your golf game but don’t feel as if you have to let them play through. It doesn’t matter how professional they may be, they were at one time a beginner and needed patience as well.

Enjoy the 19th Hole

One of the experiences that should not be overlooked is the 19th hole. This is where players come together at the end of a course to enjoy a drink and to talk about the game. It is a great place to grab some tips, purchase second hand equipment and learn about any social events that are coming up.

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