Interview with Sean Kelly - The Owner of Jersey Champs

Interview with Sean Kelly - The Owner of Jersey Champs


Interview with Sean Kelly - The Owner of Jersey Champs


1. What makes Jersey Champs different from other online sports apparel shops?
We create all of our jerseys through our factory and come up with our own designs, so other jersey websites cannot sell what we sell. We make sure to create designs that make you stand out.
2. What are your most popular jerseys?
You can view our best sellers on our website
3. In your opinion, what are the elements of a great jersey?
Our top sellers have been all related to a trend. Timing is crucial in the fashion industry as trends come and go so quickly. Harambe was our first big seller when that meme was viral. The trump jerseys sold like crazy when he was elected. We are now preparing for Space Jam 2 as our Tune Squad jerseys are selling extremely well and should increase with the release of the new movie.
4. How do you come up with ideas for your jerseys?
Our Instagram page has over one million followers, so we receive a ton of jersey submission ideas on there and we also get hundreds of emails daily containing jersey ideas. We make sure to stay on top of trends and have a team of designers ready at any time of the day to create a design.
5. What celebrities have worn your jerseys?

Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Rapoport, Dwayne Wade, Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr, Logic, Khalid, Marcus Peters, Kyrie Irving, Lil Pump, Martavis Bryant, Fabolous, Young M.A, Lil Wayne, Futuristic, Landon Collins, 2 Chainz, 21 Savage, Jae Crowder, YBN Nahmir, Casey Veggies, Soulja Boy, Supreme Patty, Dave East, Migos, Perez Hilton, Clint Capela of the Houston Rockets, Terrance Williams, Skinny From the 9, Brandon Ingram, DJ Drewski, Victor Oladipo, Karl Anthony Towns, JaVale McGee, FATBOY, Loveliveserve & more.

6. Where can people contact you?
Feel free to reach out to me on my personal Instagram page below. I try to answer all direct messages!

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