Top Ten Female Celebrities Who Passed Away but Still Make Their Fans' Spirits Alive

Top Ten Female Celebrities Who Passed Away but Still Make Their Fans' Spirits Alive


Top Ten Female Celebrities Who Passed Away but Still Make Their Fans' Spirits Alive


In this post, you will learn the top female celebrities who are already dead yet still made the spirit of their fans alive. Read more!


Who wouldn’t forget Whitney Houston’s iconic song ‘I Will Always Love You’? How about the hit songs of Amy Winehouse like ‘You Know I’m No Good’? Surely, you also shared the same pain and happiness in every Brittany Murphy’s big screen movies.

These celebrities were able to contribute much of their effort and talent just to make people happy. While they shocked us with their sudden death, their influence will always remain in our hearts.

Together, let’s look back at ten of the notable female celebrities who died but still make their fan spirit alive through the unparalleled works they have shared with us.


  • Whitney Houston


Undeniably one of the greatest singers of all time, Whitney Houston is an iconic, Grammy-winning pop diva with so many hits including ‘I Have Nothing,’ ‘I Will Always Love You,’ ‘Greatest Love of All,’ ‘When You Believe,’ etc. While this vocal legend left us at the age of 48, her songs are still among the most favorite of many aspiring and popular singers around the globe up to now. You can even see young ones hitting the notes of her songs.


  • Amy  Winehouse


She is a six-time Grammy Award-winning English songwriter who is popular for such hits like ‘You Know I’m No Good’ and ‘Rehab.’ She popularized the beehive hairstyle that has eventually become the model for fashion designers. Her self-destructive behavior, vulnerability, and fragile personality was regular tabloid news.

Amy Winehouse produced a cross-genre and cross-cultural style. She tried the eclectic mix of reggae, pop, world beat, R&B, soul, and pop.


  • Farrah Fawcett


A Charlie’s Angels star, the 1976 swimsuit poster of Farrah Fawcett is one of the most iconic ever made. At the age of 62, her prolonged battle with anal cancer was recorded for an NBC documentary that aired a month before her last breath in June 2009. Farrah Fawcett’s unique contributions in the entertainment industry are still among the notable ones that every fan will forever treasure.


  • Brittany Murphy


Came from a long line of international performers and musicians, Brittany Murphy started receiving applause and accolades in regional theater at early nine years old. Since then, her passion for acting continues to grow.

Not only does she excel in doing roles, but in singing various songs as well. Brittany Murphy’s big screen movie debut was Clueless. She soared higher – showing her artistic and musical talents with comedic and dramatic roles. This helped her get a nomination for best leading female performance in the Young Artist Awards.


  • Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe was an model, singer, and actress. Widely popular for playing comic “blonde bombshell” characters, this iconic star became one of the well-known symbols of sex of the 1950’s. As years pass by, she continues to be a leading famous culture icon.

She led roles in various films such as ‘Niagara,’ ‘How to Marry a Millionaire,’ ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,’ and ‘The Seven Year Itch.’ These and more of her popular films are still well-received in spite of the years passed.


  • Sara Coward


An actress icon, Sara Coward, passed away at the age of 62 due to cancer. Many of her co-workers and fans describe her as a “gifted actress with a distinctive voice.” After her death, Huw Kennair-Jones (Editor of the Radio 4 show), paid tribute to Sara Coward and defined her as a ‘fully rounded, intriguing woman of substance.


  • Aaliyah


A former American model, actress, and singer, Aaliyah appeared on various television shows as well as performed in concerts. She is probably one of the popular celebrities we have, with millions of albums sold and series shown.

Along with other eight people, Aaliyah died in a plane crash in the Bahamas on August 2011. Though she left too early, her passion and influence in music and films are still notable and sought after among fans and people.


  • Selena Quintanilla


Selena was an actress, singer, model, songwriter, fashion designer, and spokesperson. Popularly known as the Queen of Tejano music, her excellent contributions both to fashion and music made her one of the most renowned Mexican-American entertainers of the 20th century. Selena Quintanilla was also named as the best-selling Latin artist of the 1990s, and her posthumous collaboration along with MAC cosmetics became the top-selling celebrity collection in the history of cosmetics.


  • Esther Williams


Before venturing into the showbiz world, Esther Williams was a swimming champion with three United States National Championships. Her first debut album was entitled ‘Andy Hardy’s Double Life.’ Esther Williams also tried dramatic roles in ‘The Unguarded Moment’ and ‘The Big Show.’

She was widely recognized for bringing entertainment, escapism, and enjoyment on the big screen and has a very successful swimwear business as well. Though at 91 years old, she died in her sleep on June 2003.


  • Rose Marie


A singer and actress, Rose Marie were best known for her notable role as gagging, perpetually single comedy writer on ‘The Dick Van Dyke Show’ (a popular 1960s sitcom) as Sally Rogers. What makes her a unique artist is her capability of making every people laugh even in the little jokes she says. Her iconic, comedic roles helped her earn three Emmy nominations.

Probably one of the few celebrities with the longest showbiz careers, Rose Marie doesn’t only do well in TV and films, but also in Broadway and radio. She always delights her audience every time she enters the stage.


How about you? Do you have a celebrity idol that has passed away yet still keeps that fan spirit alive in you? Well, most of us is a symbol of an ultimate fan who never stops supporting and cherishing our idols even after their deaths.

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