Why Is Airsoft A Great Team Sport

Why Is Airsoft A Great Team Sport


Why Is Airsoft A Great Team Sport


When you think of airsoft, especially if you haven’t played much yourself, you might not immediately think about what an amazing team sport it is. In reality, airsoft is one of the best sports that you can play for team building.

Extreme Sports Land has gone over the different roles and their weapons, such as a sniper who uses an airsoft sniper rifle or a support gunner who uses a submachine gun in other posts, but here we are going to look at airsoft as a team sport.


  • Every player has a role. Airsoft is not a sport where you just run around shooting at the other team. Instead, everyone has a specific role. Adhering to your role will help your team work toward the goal. The roles in airsoft are:


      • Rifleman
      • Designated Marksman
      • Sniper
      • Support Gunner
      • Grenadier
      • Scout


  • Work toward a common goal. Working within your roles, your team will work together to win the game. This means that everyone must be communicative and on the ball, knowing what they are supposed to be doing and actually doing it. If everyone sticks to the plan, the chances of success in the game are far better.
  • Communication is key. If you have trouble talking to other people outside the airsoft field, airsoft is the place to get over that. Since everyone has a role and there is a strategy in place to reach the objective, everyone needs to be able to communicate. Whether you have found an opposing player or maybe you have been shot and are out of the game, you need to be able to communicate with your teammates and let the others know what is going on that they cannot see. Working as a team means contributing to the common goal and communication is a huge part of it.
  • Allows you to meet or interact with people on a different level. If you made up an airsoft team of your friends or are building one from people that you haven’t met yet, airsoft lets you encounter people in a new way. Knowing people on an airsoft field means knowing how well they work in a team, how quickly they can think on their feet, and what they do in a high-stress environment. Once you have seen how others behave during a game, you will know whether you should be on a team together or what skills you each need to work on to improve for the next game.
  • Individualism can get you shot in airsoft. Players who want to be able to go off and do their own thing in an attempt to win the game are going to wind up out of the game. Chances are, you will not be where the team wanted you to be, putting your teammates at risk while increasing the chance of being shot by an opponent unexpectedly. In the event that a player who has gone off on his or her own reaches the objective without following the team’s strategy, the win is not going to be satisfactory for anyone. Winning might be a goal, but it is not the only goal in airsoft. Executing a plan and strategy is also important.


Airsoft is a wonderful sport to play to work on teambuilding whether you are doing it as a staff, as a group of friends, or even just as a group of strangers. Working as a group will reveal a lot about yourself as well as others and help improve your ability communicate, all while still having a great time on the battlefield.

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