NFL vs. MLB salaries

NFL vs. MLB salaries


NFL vs. MLB salaries


Whilst it might be somewhat difficult to objectively quantify the popularity of NFL vs MLB, the amount of money earned in these two different sports paints a somewhat more varied and interesting picture. It is important to note that MLB shares a smaller part of earnings with it’s teams, compared to NFL. This difference, however isn’t reflected as much when we compare the top 5 earners from each sport.



Even though the NFL as a sport is more profitable when compared with MLB, the individual earnings of the players shows just how lucrative baseball can be for those at the very top of their game.

1. Mike Trout

The center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels is taking the top spot this MLB season as the sport’s highest-paid player for the first time with a salary of $33.25 million. Accounting also for an estimated $2.5 million from endorsements,Trout will earn nearly $36 million this year.

2. Clayton Kershaw

The starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers has to contend with second place in the overall ranking, netting himself a not-too-shabby $33.3 million, along with an extra $750.000 in endorsement deals.

3. David Price

Taking the bronze for his golden arm, the Boston Red Sox pitcher managed to get a total of $30.7 million. He also partnered last year with IMAC Regeneration Centers to open a pair of David Price IMAC Regeneration Centers in Tennessee. These clinics provide sports medicine and natural therapies to combat arthritis, soft tissue damage and chronic pain.

4. Miguel Cabrera

The Venezuelan first baseman for the Detroit Tigers comes in fourth place with $30.5 million to his name. The two-time MVP was paid $30 million by the Tigers as part of a $184 million deal (over six years) and nets an additional $500.000 with endorsement deals with Wilson, Adidas, Topps and Franklin.

5. Yoenis Cespedes

The New York Mets outfielder rounds off the top 5 MLB top earners with a salary $29 million. He gets an additional $500.000 with endorsements New Balance, Represent Apparel, Franklin, Panini and Wilson Sporting Goods.



Unlike the diverse list of highest earning MLB players that include outfielders, centre-fielders and pitchers, it is obvious to see where the big money rests in the NFL – quarterbacks. Here are the top 5 earners in the sport.

1. Matt Ryan

As the top earner in the NFL, he commands an annual earning of $30 million. The 2018 season will be Ryan’s eleventh with the Atlanta Falcons. The quarterback had an incredible season in 2017, going 10-6 and scoring a Wild Card spot in the playoffs, which they won against the Los Angeles Rams 26-13.

2. Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman decided to go after one of the most highly sought free agents on the market, with a deal that places Cousins in at second place in terms of earnings at an average of $28 million.

3. Jimmy Garoppolo

It didn’t take long for the San Francisco 49ers to give quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo a new five-year contract worth $27.5 million annually. After Garoppolo was acquired from the Patriots, San Francisco had only won one of their games up to that point, so to go 5-0 to finish the season obviously gave the 49ers front office (and fan base) a whole lot of hope.

4. Matthew Stafford

Playing for the Detroit Lions, at $27 million annually, Matthew Stafford is highly compensated, especially for a quarterback who hasn’t even won a playoff game, much less a championship. However, his passing offense ranked 6th in the league and his accurate throwing arm (65.7 completion percentage) has made rising stars of his primary receivers Marvin Jones and Golden Tate.

5. Derek Carr

When Derek Carr and the Oakland Raiders came to an agreement on a contract extension the previous offseason, it made him the highest-paid player in the NFL. The Raiders gave him a deal reportedly worth $125 million over five years which equates to him earning $25 million annually, putting him at number 5 on the list.

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