How to Identify a Good Myotherapist and His Techniques of Healing

How to Identify a Good Myotherapist and His Techniques of Healing


How to Identify a Good Myotherapist and His Techniques of Healing


Massage therapies are available with numerous names according to their therapeutic benefits and place of origin. It is an ancient technique of healing musculoskeletal structure of body that is again coming back in trend. Currently, myotherapy is gaining worldwide recognition because of its spectacular positive impacts in very less time period. Such kind of therapies is non-invasive which the main reason for increasing popularity. Nowadays, you can find many massage centres offering myotherapists, but all of them are not trustworthy. Before consuming somebody’s services, it is important to identify whether they are qualified or not. Read the below article to gain detailed information regarding their popular techniques and tips to find the right therapist.

Most Common Massage Techniques of Myotherapists

1)    Cupping

Cupping is an ancient technique of stimulating blood flow in blocked areas of body. The therapists put suction cups on the skin for a few minutes by creating a vacuum. It is helpful in getting instant relief from pain and inflammation. It is a kind of deep tissue massage for relaxing the body. In the ancient times, bamboo and mud vessels were used that are now shifted to glass and silicon.

2)    Muscle stretching

Muscle stretching therapy is also a part of myotherapy that involves a set of exercises to stretch the body. A professional therapist guides the patient to increase the stretching level of the body slowly. These techniques beneficiate the patients by decreasing their muscle tension and increasing joint’s mobility. Regular practices of muscle stretching also improve energy level and blood circulation in human body.  

3)    Passive stretching

Passive stretching is also a major part of myotherapy because it improves the mobility in body. Unlike dynamic stretching, the passive exercise by personal training involves some moves of body in stationary mode.  It is one of the safest ways to increase body flexibility. Not only physical benefits, but it is in myotherapy techniques because of the mental soothing. Regular exercise helps in releasing tension and also a great cooling down method after an intense workout.  

4)    Acupuncture

Like cupping, acupuncture is also an ancient healing technique that is assorted in myotherapy massage activities. These therapists are expert in needling the body at some special points. It is a task of precision but very beneficial. The main aim of acupuncture is to reduce the stress, back pain, neck tension and joints pain.

5)    Acupressure  

The acupressure technique is almost similar to acupuncture, but it is non-invasive. The main aim of acupressure is to promote relaxation in human body. According to the principles of this therapy, 14 meridians connections connect all organs together. If the energy flow is blocked at any of the points, acupressure can help in releasing it. Headache, motion sickness, muscle tension, menstrual cramps and stress are some common problems that are curable with this therapy.

How to Find an Expert Myotherapist?

1)    Ask them for a qualification certificate

This is the first thing to ask from a person who claims to be the myotherapy expert. They must hold an advanced diploma of remedial massage along with a degree of higher education. Make sure that the therapist is qualified from a well-recognised institution. Choosing an incompetent myotherapist can negatively impact your body.

2)    Knowledge of all techniques

Myotherapy is a combination of multiple techniques of massage combined together to beneficiate the patient. When you meet a therapist, ask him/her regarding all techniques that they know.

3)    Assurance of treatment

Myotherapy is a remedial massage that works effectively in most of the cases. An expert therapist can easily identify that whether the issue is curable or not. They even give you an estimat3e of the time period in which you get complete relief for an abnormality. Don’t get fooled by fake people do not give you proper assurance regarding treatment results.

4)    Reviews from old customers

When you visit a myotherapy clinic regarding the consultation or fixing an appointment, always interact with the old customers. Choose a busy day when the number of patients is higher. Talk to them and ask regarding their experience of relief. Their reviews are the highly trustable proofs of choosing a therapist or not.

These are only a few techniques of Body First myotherapy that are included only because of their worldwide popularity. Before signing a contract with a therapist, make sure that they are certified by a recognised institution and also hold the license of practices.

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