The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Sneakers

The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Sneakers


The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Sneakers


Buying the right pair of sneakers can sometimes feel like look for the Holy Grail of shoes. How do you find the right fit for your foot? Should you buy Adidas or another name brand? What can you afford? Believe it or not, all these questions boil down to one single thing that you need to know before buying any, absolutely any, footwear. What is that single most important thing?

The Secret Behind Finding the Perfect Sneakers

Maybe you shop online, perusing hundreds of sneakers click by click by click, or maybe you are the kind of shopper that likes to go into a store and try on a dozen pairs. No matter how you purchase your athletic footwear, you need to know one thing, and one thing only – You need to know your feet.

Now what in the world does that mean? Knowing your feet means knowing what makes you feel comfortable. It means knowing the exact size and fit of your foot. It means knowing your natural walking gait and any issues that might affect how you walk day-to-day. By knowing your foot better than anyone else, you will buy the right shoe every time. Why? Because you will know that the trendy fabulous sneaker sitting in the display case is actually not  the right shoe for you. By knowing your feet you will buy the shoe that is the most comfortable and best-suited to your lifestyle instead of buying whatever shoe is on sale.

So how can you know your feet? Simple! You need to know your size, know your gait, and choose a shoe that fits with your activity level. Check out some helpful tips below.

Size it Up!

The first step to knowing your feet is finding out what your size is. This is pretty simple. Go to into any shoe store and have your feet measured. Measure both feet since they might be different sizes. Check for the width, too. You want to know if you have a high arch or flat feet, as that will affect how much comfort you need.

Secondly, figure out your natural walking gait. Step into some wet sand barefoot and look at the impressions you leave behind. If you have a pretty even impression at the bottom of your foot, then you have a neutral natural gait. That essentially means that most shoes will fit you comfortably with extra support. However, if you have more pressure on the inside or outside of your foot, that means that your feet do not roll naturally. You will need to talk with your medical professional, coach, or athletic trainer about what types of shoes are best suited for your natural gait.

What Do You Do?

Finally, what do you do on a daily basis? Are you a runner or do you walk long distances? Do you do yoga or cross fit? Are you very active or just moderately active? These all affect what style of shoe you need buy. Lighter sneakers designed for running are ideal for long distance athletes while those who opt for gym work or have health conditions might want a heavier, comfier shoe. Choose the right shoe for you every time!

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