A Workout Tailored to your Specific Needs

A Workout Tailored to your Specific Needs


A Workout Tailored to your Specific Needs


One does not just decide to work out without the assistance of a personal trainer or the help of a fitness expert. It is crucial for one to subscribe to a work out regime that strictly meets your needs. Some people work out to lose weight, some to gain some weight while others work out to maintain their fitness. It is therefore important for one to join a gym and secure the services of a personal trainer. The personal trainer will help you with the diet, your workout schedule and the result/goal of the workout. The following are some of the determinants to consider when one is looking to make your workout specific;


It has been determined by scientists that male and female bodies react differently to workouts. This is because the male and female bodies react differently to calories and workouts. Despite both gender being able to work up to long hours and be able to lift a heavy load, female bodies are smaller, and thus their bodies build muscles differently. For this reason, it’s only natural that most females want to be strong but remain small or slim. However, men have different goals and prefer to gain weight instead. They work out with the primary aim of gaining muscles that can be noticed. Women, on the other hand, will do cardio-based classes so that they can burn fat and consequently loose fat. One can visit UP Fitness Dubai to find out about personal training programs.


An individual’s body changes as the years come. These changes may be brought about by factors such as injuries and body degeneration. Additionally, as one age, fats accumulate differently in the body. This is because, at a younger age, for instance, your 20s, one is active and does not need to work out often. However, an individual in their 40s cannot subscribe to such a lifestyle due to their inactive nature. More fat will be able to accumulate thus exposing them to conditions such as obesity. Stamina also changes with time. At an older age, one needs to ease up to working out slowly before the body adjusts. It is, therefore, crucial for one to hire a personal trainer to know the appropriate workout regime.


Your workout regime changes as you acquire more skills. One shouldn’t try a workout they are not used to. It’s advisable to take low impact classes to avoid external or internal injuries. One also needs to learn how to use the different equipment at the gym. However, one can be able to handle any workout regime when they do it regularly to get used to. It advisable that one should join a gym with a good reputation that teaches how to use the different equipment and has professional trainers who will consider the above factors.

One of the best ways to solve some of the health issues is through proper workout regimes. One can easily reduce health risks.

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