How to Light a 100,000 SF Indoor Sports Facility

How to Light a 100,000 SF Indoor Sports Facility


How to Light a 100,000 SF Indoor Sports Facility


By John Watkins, President, FSC Lighting

Arena Sports is a family-owned group of indoor sports arenas in the Seattle area. Their fifth location—a 100,000-square-foot building with facilities for year-round soccer, bowling, laser tag, arcades and party rooms—includes seven separate zones in total.

Knowing that each zone required a different light level depending on the activity, the team at Arena Sports sought out a unique lighting solution that was effective and energy-efficient. Fortunately, they knew to come to FSC Lighting—and we were happy to help.

It doesn’t take an LED lighting expert to figure out that the lighting needs of an indoor soccer facility are going to differ significantly from the lighting needs of an arcade. But it does take some expertise to develop a customized LED lighting solution that is energy efficient, easy to use, and incorporates light levels that vary based on activity and occupancy. That’s precisely what we did.

As with every customized lighting project, one of the first steps in the process is choosing a fixture. In this case, we selected the LEHB Series LED High Bay, which provides a clean, bright light and has an L70 of 122,000 hours. Available in an array of sizes and wattages, this fixture is easy to customize to different lighting requirements.

Once we had chosen the fixture, the next step was to maximize energy efficiency. We did that by adding special features to the lights like sensors and step dimming. By sensing human movement and occupancy, sensors enable lights to automatically dim when there is no activity in a particular room. Meanwhile, step dimming ensures that there are a number of light options for every fixture—it’s not just “on” or “off”—which ends up being costly.

Each light was also equipped with a wireless relay system paired with a sensor. With this technology, lights dim automatically based on how much natural light the zone is getting at any given time. Called “daylight harvesting,” this system measures natural light and only adds as much artificial light as necessary to get to the desired light level.

At FSC, we’re committed to going beyond efficiency. That’s why we also installed an intelligent control system, allowing the Arena Sports team to utilize a comprehensive zone strategy by programming each of the seven zones using software alone.

For sports facilities—especially multi-use ones—customized lighting is a win in terms of flexibility, savings, ease of use, and aesthetics. And perhaps most importantly, a great lighting system means your clients can focus on what they’re there for: the game.

John Watkins Author Bio

John has been in the energy efficient lighting industry for over 25 years. His background in lighting controls and LED solutions have helped FSC profitably survive the company’s conversion from a fluorescent OEM to a powerhouse LED manufacturer and integrator of even the most complex lighting controls solutions.

John oversees FSC’s product development, sales and marketing efforts directly as well as manages the companies overall P&L with Purchasing and Operations reporting to him.

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