The joys of skating on synthetic ice are at par with skating on natural ice

The joys of skating on synthetic ice are at par with skating on natural ice


The joys of skating on synthetic ice are at par with skating on natural ice


You might walk down to the park in your locality and to your utter surprise see that the park does not exist anymore but instead there is an ice-rink. Maybe the local authorities wanted to convert the park for entertainment and commercial purposes and have installed a Kwik Rink Synthetic Ice rink. Synthetic ice rinks are a convenient alternative to natural ice and excellent for installing at any place indoor or outdoor. The figure skates training centers use synthetic ice rinks that are highly durable and do not require any maintenance. Most importantly, synthetic ice surfaces are quite cost-effective.

It is like ice but not ice; yet as good

Synthetic ice is like natural ice and possesses the same qualities including the looks and the feel of gliding on the surface which is as good as real ice. The surface is perfect for any use by amateur and professional athletes, skaters, and hockey players and even for any other kinds of commercial entertainment.  Schools and shopping malls, as well as churches and city parks, are ideal places for installing synthetic ice-rinks.The convenience of installing and tearing it down quickly increases its attraction.

Also known as fake ice, the synthetic ice surface made from high tech plastic incorporates specially engineered features for creating a low-friction surface that emulates natural ice in all respects but without the fear of melting ice. The surface of synthetic ice can withstand all kinds of climatic conditions and needs very low maintenance which makes it easy to use without incurring additional costs.

The working modality of synthetic ice

Synthetic ice-rinks have been around for more than 30 years, and in the beginning, its use was only for stage shows and skating. However, for skating it was necessary to use silicone lubricant with the skates to reduce friction. As technology progressed, the synthetic surface has undergone massive development that brought it much closer to natural ice in performance. The synthetic ice surface that is available today has silicone lubricant embedded into the material that not only does away with the need of adding lubricant to skates but also enhances the gliding capabilities. Lubricant injected into the plastic or polymer core gradually pass onto the upper surface of the synthetic ice to provide a slick surface that skaters enjoy.

Skating in warmer climates

The synthetic ice-rinks make its possible to enjoy skating outdoors in warmer climates of 90-degree Fahrenheit because there is no fear of ice melting. You need not brave the cold freezing weather to enjoy skating anymore because the synthetic ice rinks perform in the same way in warm weather. Similarly, those residing in warmer climates need not travel to far away destinations to enjoy skating on natural ice because synthetic ice rink is perfect for use in summer conditions.

Synthetic ice-rinks for indoors do not require de-humidification like natural ice rinks. As a result, there is no messy situation created due to malfunctioning dehumidification system that causes condensed water from ceilings to rain down.

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