5 Unique Ways to Save Money This 2019

5 Unique Ways to Save Money This 2019


5 Unique Ways to Save Money This 2019


Saving money is an easy thing to do – if you can find the will to press on. For many people, saving money is an arms race. It shouldn’t be like that! A savings journey is a marathon wherein you need to bide your time and continue saving even if you feel bored. To keep things interesting, you may need new ideas.

Here are some unique ways to help you save money:

Set Achievement Milestones

Achievements are some of the quick ways to measure someone’s success. People think that achievements are only tied down to academic and professional career paths. They are somehow right, but the achievement system can be used for many areas – like saving money.

To create a personalized achievement system, you need to set the conditions. For example: if you’ve saved a certain amount this month, you gain a merit. Collect enough merits and you can treat yourself to a nice reward. You will notice that this system is more effective with an accountability partner. After all, it’s convenient to have someone remind you about your recent savings journey.

Don’t put unrealistic amounts in your achievement system. As much as possible, connect the milestones to your current cash flow. As your earnings increase, you can then put up new milestones.

Make Custom Money Jars

Human beings love to categorize stuff. Whether it’s all about heavy equipment or fun snacks for the day, categorization led to different creative ideas. Who would’ve thought that categorization can make saving more interesting than ever?

If you love tinkering with stuff, you should try making custom money jars. They work in a simple manner: you need to fill the personalized jars with varying amounts of money. One jar might contain only hundreds, while another can be set aside for coins. Another different way is to label the jars with specific events and moments in your life. This will keep you inspired to save money as often as possible. If you owe a loan from a licensed moneylender SG like Cash Mart, you can also make a separate jar towards repayment.

Of course you are not limited to jars! You can try different boxes or containers. As long as you can save money, the purpose is intact.

Collect Specific Bills Strictly

To amp your savings habit by a moderate notch, you can try the “specific bills challenge.” Just keep in mind that this challenge might cause a drastic change to your spending habits. It’ll take time to adjust, so don’t be too hard on yourself!

The specific bills challenge is, as its name goes, about collecting specific bills. You begin by setting the rules of the challenge and naming the bills to be collected. If you value hundreds, then you must save hundreds whenever you can. You may need to forego that order of Caramel Macchiato or Blueberry Cheesecake to save the recent hundred bill in your hand. Doing this challenge requires a deep sense of discipline.

Your personal journal can be quite handy with this challenge. List down the bills that you’ve collected for the week, and create a personal tally board. Your brain will love seeing the numbers go up! And of course, your savings account will love the effort as well.

Be a Discount Hunter

Contrary to what people think, it’s not embarrassing to hunt for discounts. In fact, it may be one of the wisest financial strategies that you can do. So if you want to save money consistently, you need to wear a cape and become a professional discount hunter.

To become a discount hunter, you have to take note of details like the offers of various merchants in your location. Avail these discounts whenever possible, and don’t forget about them. You should also learn how to haggle like a real pro. Grocery rebates and coupons can help to a certain degree. Just be wary of some discounts because you might end up spending more money down the road.

Your discounts will be like a trickle first, and the amounts that you can save are variable. Just stick to the habit – you’ll be rewarded soon enough.

Do a Cumulative Savings Challenge

Just like the specific bills challenge, the cumulative savings challenge remains grounded on strict rules. This challenge might be a bit difficult to maintain, but its flexibility is innate. If you’re having a hard time maintaining the cumulative savings challenge, you can stretch the duration or change the rules entirely.

A cumulative savings challenge is all about increasing your numbers periodically. You can set a specific amount for one week, and double it for the next week. As the weeks go by, the law of compound interest will kick in and you might end up rolling in wads of cash. There are many factors that can affect the success of this challenge. First, your debts might hamper the speed of money accumulation. Of course you have to prioritize your repayment plan with your lender for fast payday loans in Singapore. Second, your spending habits need to change. Some things can be sacrificed, while others must be prioritized. It’s all about balance.

Once you are successful with this challenge, you can repeat it as much as you want. Take note of your little victories and be proud of yourself!


Who said saving money is a boring ordeal? By applying the strategies mentioned above, you will have fun while saving manageable amounts at every instance. It might be difficult at first and you might even be tempted to give up. As much as possible, you should do your best to tread on. Sooner or later, your savings account will grow remarkably!

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