An ultimate guide to Melbourne Cup 2019

An ultimate guide to Melbourne Cup 2019


An ultimate guide to Melbourne Cup 2019


When the enormous race moves around, dashing lovers around the nation all need to know a certain something: who will win? For the prepared punters, hours are spent pouring over structure guides, ascertaining Melbourne Cup chances and examining the field. Be that as it may, for the once-a-year financial specialists, Melbourne Cup wagering can feel like a speculating amusement.

The Racenet group of specialists will give tips to the Melbourne Cup in the number one spot up to the well-known race, with tips from each master accessible from Sunday 3 November (when the hindrance draw has been finished on Saturday night).

This segment will be refreshed routinely and closer to the race day the Racenet specialists will break down the last field for the Melbourne Cup and give their best possibilities just as this, if it’s not too much trouble look at our Melbourne Cup chances page on the off chance that you are searching for the early market chances for every one of the ponies.

Top 5 hints to discover a victor

In case you’re willing to invest a little exertion, you may most likely tip your very own champ of the Melbourne Cup. The accompanying general guidelines will enable you to explore the structure guides, recognize the top picks, and settle on an educated wagering choice.

  1. Look beyond the Favorites

Top picks are not in every case beyond any doubt fire champs. Truth be told, all through the 155-year history of the Melbourne Cup, just 1 of every 5 of the triumphant steeds were really supported to win.

The top choices aren’t generally the best approach. Generally, untouchable picks have performed great. Moreover, the payout on the most loved is normally low. When you put cash down on a thought little of a pony with great chances, the success will be significantly more worthwhile. When in doubt, endeavor to stick to steeds that have a cost underneath $20 when you survey the main 2019 Melbourne Cup tips.

  1. Give Recent History a chance to be Your Guide

As the enormous race approaches, watch out for the moving consequences of the Cup contenders. There are a few key races paving the way to the Melbourne Cup that is, for the most part, thought to be great markers for anticipating Melbourne Cup execution.

  1. Gain from Historical Trends

Verifiable information can be amazingly valuable while surveying the field to figure Melbourne Cup 2019 tips. When contrasting ponies and race insights, it’s a smart thought to focus on three key measures: weight, obstruction, and nationality.

Weight: A rider’s weight is a huge factor while figuring 2019 Melbourne Cup tips. Steed dashing experts set weight limits for each race to guarantee a notwithstanding playing field, so maneuvers must be light to ride at the appointed loads. In the most recent decade, the normal weight conveyed to triumph in the Melbourne Cup is 54.5 kilograms. Except for Maybe Diva in 2005, higher loads experience serious difficulties securing triumph lately.


Boundary: For each race, each steed is haphazardly doled out a spot in the obstruction draw. The beginning hindrance keeps ponies in line before the race starts. Given the long separation of the Melbourne Cup, the obstruction draw ought to not majorly affect the race result. Be that as it may, certain obstructions have performed superior to others throughout the years. Boundaries 5, 10 and 11 have propelled many Cup triumphs, while hindrance 18 has not delivered a solitary champ since the presentation of boundary slows down in 1924.

Nationality: More than any time in recent memory, Melbourne Cup tips are impacted by the nationality of the steed and its coach. Internationals have performed great in the Melbourne Cup as of late, winning the greater part of the last ten races. Numerous abroad proprietors and coaches currently set their destinations on the Cup numerous months ahead of time. Since a trailblazing Irish triumph in 1993, we’ve seen a large number of European, Japanese and American steeds giving nearby plunderers a keep running for their cash. With the developing worldwide nearness, just Australia’s best stayers are probably going to put in the last field.

  1. Colorful Bets for the Big Wins

Picking a champ is fun, however, it’s not ordinarily where the huge rewards are; fascinating wagering is the place the cash is. The most widely recognized kinds of colorful wagers incorporate exactas, quinellas, superfectas and, obviously, the desired trifecta.

Picking the Melbourne Cup trifecta is each punter’s fantasy. The record Melbourne Cup trifecta profit was an astounding $61,867.90, paid out in 1993. After ten years, a punter won $2.6 million when he picked the triumphant Melbourne Cup trifecta and unintentionally put down his wager on different occasions.

While doing your Melbourne Cup homework, pay special mind to Melbourne Cup tips on the field’s most great 5-6 ponies. Invest some energy dispensing with the weakest contenders and assessing which bunch of steeds is well on the way to lead the field.

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