How We Roll: These Athlete's Cars Are Not What You Think

How We Roll: These Athlete's Cars Are Not What You Think


How We Roll: These Athlete's Cars Are Not What You Think


You’d think athlete’s cars would be fabulous and striking, but not so for all. These few may surprise you!

Have you ever seen Antonio Brown’s car collection?

Most of us probably view all pro athletes as having super expensive and tricked out cars and a huge collection of them. After all, what else do you do with tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars? 

Don’t be fooled, however. There are actually a number of successful pros that don’t blow their hard-earned dollars on flashy vehicles.

In this post, we’ll focus on humble athletes cars in all their modesty. They might not be the cars you dream about, but they’ll do.

Kirk’s Van

Kirk Cousins’ much-publicized GMC Savana suits his personality. Despite being, for a time, the NFL’s highest-paid player, the modest QB doesn’t mind driving around in his grandma’s old van.

He bought it from her for $5000. That’s not even a great deal considering it he purchased it from a family member, but he claims that it runs well. Fair enough.

It remains to be seen whether Cousins will change his tune now that he’s under contract for $84 million of guaranteed money. We don’t really see him in a Ferrari or Lambo anytime soon.

The Jennings Edge’

The Ford Edge doesn’t exactly scream “basketball player”. It looks more like the vehicle a soccer parent would drop their kids off to practice in, but don’t tell that to former Knicks point guard Brandon Jennings.

Think about it. If you’re a point guard, you need to be organized and able to process information on the fly. For Jennings, this means a vehicle that handles well and gets you from point A to point B safely and efficiently. The good handling and efficiency of the Edge gets the job done in the nasty NYC traffic.

Trubisky’s Camry

Bears fans have a complicated relationship with their quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. But, there’s nothing complicated about Mitchell’s relationship with his classic ’97 Toyota Camry. Not the fanciest vehicle, even for a normal person, but we’ll give Mitch a pass since he’s on his rookie contract.

Honestly though, it’s the perfect vehicle for him. It’s kind of like the game manager of cars; not too much big-play ability, pretty efficient most of the time, but because it’s old it’ll have days where you wish it never existed.

Dan Norris’ Camper Van

If you’ve paid attention to the MLB in the last few years then you probably saw news reports about Daniel Norris’ camper van. While he was in the Blue Jays minors system, he would sleep in his van in various Walmart parking lots wherever he was playing. Not what you would expect from a minor league pitcher.

Norris’ vibe was that of a hippie drifter. He didn’t buy into the glitz and glamour of being a professional pitcher, instead opting for the comfort of his pseudo tiny home in his VW camper van.

He’s since been traded and called up to the Detroit Tigers, so we hope he finds an apartment because Detroit can be unforgiving to someone living in their van. At least he can get reliable auto transport to get his van from Toronto to Detroit.

Not All Athletes Cars…

The strong majority of the best athletes in the world do drive fancy cars. Why wouldn’t you? You have an unimaginable amount of money at your disposal, so huge houses and expensive cars become an easy way to spend that money. Athletes cars are symbols of their status and success.

Every now and then, however, a sports figure will pop up and shake that notion to its core. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to the vehicle these guys choose, but it’s refreshing to see wealthy athletes stay grounded.

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