5 indoor exercise equipment for players

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5 indoor exercise equipment for players


5 indoor exercise equipment for players


For some people, gyms or outdoor training places may not be regularly accessible, due to the remoteness of their locations. For some others, the idea of outdoor practice or training at the gym is simply overwhelming. If you are one of them, your best option is to have a few indoor exercise equipment set up at home.  In fact, it is simply good to have exercise equipment at home, irrespective of whether or not you are a sports-person or not. You never know when a good workout mood kicks in!

So here are some of our favourite indoor workout equipment and tools for you.

Recumbent bikes

Certainly, one of the best leg and lower body workout equipment that you can have at home is recumbent bikes. What makes recumbent bikes really preferable is their design which helps the users have a smooth, low-impact workout. In other words, you can have a full body workout with a lower risk of pain.


Dumbbells are perhaps the easiest and most economical stuff to have indoors for working out when convenient. Given they are available in a wide range of sizes and easily portable, you can do your dumbbell pulls anywhere convenient to you. Dumbbells are particularly good for those who are looking to tone specific muscles as well as for building strength or arm muscles.


Treadmills are of course one of the best cardiovascular exercise equipment to have indoors. Jogging and running is almost always a must for players, in order to maintain heart health and stamina. For players who are supposed to keep perfect cardiovascular health, this indoor equipment can prove to be a good companion. Especially for sports-persons living in weather conditions where you can’t go out every day for a run, Treadmill would be a must-have. There are many other benefits that treadmills offer, such as cholesterol control, helpful in fat reduction etc. Modern-day treadmills offer great features and adjustment options for your comfortable exercising indoors.

Elliptical machine

Elliptical machines are, of course, a great means of having integrated total body workouts. The best part is, it is overall low impact and still helps to build strength as well as in weight loss and/or body toning. Moreover, it’s just very convenient.

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are great equipment for complete body workouts. Irrespective of your age, cardio workouts would be included in your routines. Rowing machines are ideal for aerobic exercises. They offer workouts for so many muscles- it covers arms, shoulders, upper back and even abs, main leg muscles, gluteus as well. While they might feel quite tiring and exhausting in the beginning, it would ultimately help build your endurance and stamina.


So, as you saw, recumbent bikes, dumbbells, treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines are some of the best indoor exercising equipment one can have. However, selecting the ones that are best to you is your call. You can see which ones fit your budget, health conditions and home-space. Happy exercising!

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