LeSean McCoy plans to play for five more seasons

LeSean McCoy plans to play for five more seasons


LeSean McCoy plans to play for five more seasons


The Buffalo Bills could get five more years out of LeSean McCoy if they wanted to.

Buffalo Bills star running back LeSean McCoy is quickly approaching the final year of his contract with the team. Although he’s on the hook for the 2019 NFL Season, McCoy will be free to test the market in 2020. The 30-year-old back currently headlines what’s considered to be the oldest backfield in football along with veteran back, Frank Gore. And similar to Gore, McCoy plans on keeping the cleats laced up for quite some time.

McCoy’s still got it – to a certain extent at least. Not a lot of people question McCoy’s talent as an all-around running back, but a few nagging injuries have given him some issues over the last couple of years. Just last year, McCoy managed to only play in 14 games. He finished off the year with a career-low of 514 yards, and three touchdowns.

The last few years just haven’t been the same for McCoy. Ever since his departure from the Philadelphia Eagles, he had on and off struggles with the Bills. During his first season in Buffalo, he was only healthy for 12 games.

His efforts for the following two years were solid, but his contributions were far from significant as the Bills haven’t had any postseason success since he’s been in town. Now, the Bills have to figure out what they are going to do with McCoy beyond 2019 since he’s made it known that he would like to play for at least another five years in the NFL.

“I’ll meet you there in five years.”

With the recent announcement of Jeremy Maclin’s retirement, LeSean McCoy took to his Instagram account to shout out his former teammate, and best friend. During his farewell from the NFL to Maclin, McCoy made it clear that he is planning on playing for another five seasons as he stated: “enjoy retirement I’ll meet you there in 5 years.”

Will the Bills keep McCoy around for that long? It seems doubtful. Maybe a one or two-year extension can be worked out at some point. But five years would be pushing it. Especially since the Bills have been rumored to have an interest in drafting a running back at some point during the 2019 NFL Draft as well.

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