Hermes Birkin Authenticity Guide

Hermes Birkin Authenticity Guide


Hermes Birkin Authenticity Guide


Hermes Birkin is a very popular brand and its bag are world famous. If you are thinking of buying a Hermes Birkin Bag, then keep in mind that the seller should not make you a fool because many sellers in the market are selling copies of Hermes Birkin so be careful. If you are looking for a Hermes Birkin bag but don’t know how to authenticate the bag then this article will help you. This article talks about the Hermes Birkin Authenticity Guide so you will get an idea about authenticity. Before buying the Hermes Birkin product, keep in mind the following things.

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Material and color –

Before buying a product of Hermes Birkin, you should check the material of the product. It will give you an idea of authenticity. After testing the material of the bag, you will know if the leather is real or not, the material is durable or not, it does look like local quality or not, the color of the bag does look like duplicate or not. After seeing these things you will know that bag is fake or not.

Brand Stamp –

You can check the authenticity of the bag by checking its branding. Generally, there are always two stamps on the products of Hermes Birkin, the first one which is printed on front of the bag, the first one has a brand logo and another one is on the back of the flap that reflects the year of manufacturing so you can check the Hermes Birkin bag’s brand stamp before buying the bag. If you don’t know how it looks then you can check the brand logo of the Hermes Birkin on the Internet or you can check the Hermes Authentication service on the internet. You can compare that logo and then you will find out whether the bag is an original product or not.

Hardware –

Before purchasing a bag, check its hardware so you will find that whether bag is fake or not. You should check its lock, zipper, clochette, and other parts. This will help you to know whether the product is real or fake. Mostly Hermes Birkin Bags are made of either palladium or gold plated finish. When you checking the bag, you will know whether the bag is genuine or fake, like if the lock is in the right place or not, if the quality of the zipper is good or not. Then after seeing this thing you will know that the bag is real or fake.

Before buying a bag, you must check the tags on the bag. The authenticity of the bag can be checked through its tag. A tag has various detail of the brand. You will few things on the tag such as the detail of the product, the brand’s description on the original product, the price of the bag, the place of manufacturing, and other information is written while the information on the fake product is not written. So before purchasing a bag, you must check the bag tags on the bag.

Miscellanies –

After checking the above given things, if you are not still convinced about the bag’s originality then you can check further few things that are important to check before buying a bag. You can check the whole bag if you find any defect in it then don’t buy it or if you find cheap or poor quality or if you don’t feel right then don’t buy it may be a fake product. If you find the size of the bag is a mismatch or improper then don’t buy it. If you find the quality of stitches is of poor or cheap quality then it may be a fake product because Hermes Birkin bags have perfect stitching. If the brand name is misplaced or misspell then it is a fake product, always check the spelling of brand name before buying the product. If you find glue on the bag then don’t buy it. Always check the inside quality of the bag, if the inside quality is the same then only buy that product. Always check the authenticity card of the bag so it will give you surety of originality of the product. After seeing all these things you can check the price of the bag, if you find an irregularity in price then don’t buy that product it may be fake.


As you can see in the above-given article that there are many copy product available in the market but it is not hard to find a difference between original and copied product. Before purchasing a bag, you should check the above-given things like material, hardware, color, size, brand logo and other things. So you will get an idea about the authenticity of the product and then you can buy a genuine product.

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