Is Jameis Winston Close to Being Worthy of a Big Extension?

Is Jameis Winston Close to Being Worthy of a Big Extension?


Is Jameis Winston Close to Being Worthy of a Big Extension?


If Jameis Winston had a good year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would they consider giving him a big contract?

Every day there is a shocking debate going around the NFL. Sometimes some takes are very logical. Others, well, not so much. With every offseason comes the idea of a young quarterback getting the opportunity to cash in on a brand new contract. Almost every year we see a guy break financial records at the position. Matt Stafford, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy G, Aaron Rodgers. We could do this all day as it happens so often.

This year, we’re looking at the same scenario. There are quite a few young quarterbacks who are set to get a nice payday. Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff. All four of those guys have proven over time to their respective teams that they are worthy of some significant extension. However, another name has recently popped up in the conversation. And no, it’s not Patrick Mahomes. Instead, it’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Allow me to explain – Bill Barnwell of ESPN recently decided to get his thinking cap on and make some bold predictions regarding the state of quarterbacks who are up for a new contract. While he did predict that the usual suspects (Prescott, Goff, Wentz, and Wilson) will get mega extensions, he also threw in Winston as a complete curveball.

Would Winston seriously demand a big payday?

Jameis Winston, the former first-overall pick for the Buccaneers who has done nothing but disappoint since his rookie season. During year one, Winston did a decent job and showed a lot of upside. Beyond that first year though, the guy has nothing but question marks around him. All Tampa Bay has known with Winston over the years is losing. And even as they stacked their offense with solid receivers, Winston didn’t thrive at all.

Last year, Winston missed out on the first four games of the year due to a suspension stemming from an off-field incident. By the time he made his way back, he had to ride the pine as his backup, Ryan Fitzpatrick was on a tear. Fitz would eventually cool down, and Winston found his way back into the mix, but Winston ended up getting benched once again as well.

After four seasons in the NFL, Winston has never won more than nine games as the starting quarterback for the Bucs. Also, he’s never thrown for 30 touchdowns in a season, as well as never posted a passer rating over 100.

Yet, Barnwell believes he’s worthy of a potential five-year extension worth over $150 million. In what world? Winston had upside, but it’s becoming clear that he’s not the guy the Buccaneers thought he would be. Bruce Arians should help, but I’d be more surprised if Winston gets re-signed at this point, rather than getting a monster extension.

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