Start A Backyard Construction Company To Educate Your Kids: Using RC Construction Equipment

Start A Backyard Construction Company To Educate Your Kids: Using RC Construction Equipment


Start A Backyard Construction Company To Educate Your Kids: Using RC Construction Equipment


When we were kids we use to watch construction crew; the way they tear up stuff, lifting steel beams, unloading dirt by using their metal monsters. So during those days, we all desire to have a chance to drive these monsters. So, maybe your kids also wish to ride original construction equipment; it will be dangerous.

But still, you can make them feel and even educate them that “how things work on the construction site?”. Now you think that how is that possible. To do this all you need different RC(Remote Control) Construction Equipment and a backyard.

Yes! You read it right RC construction equipment.

RC toys we used to play in our child were not that good as compared to current generation RC Toys. Nowadays, there are various types of RC toys such as cars, trucks, boats, and construction equipment. And today’s RC toys are an intermediate sized; it means 1:24 scale diecast models of the Real construction equipment.

Nowadays, RC construction equipment holds the same functionality just like real construction equipment, but these are in smaller size. So that kids, teenagers and even adults can play with it.

RC Construction Equipment Toys

So, before you read further about different RC construction equipment. One thing you need to understand that various companies design RC construction equipment with a variety of features.

So, before buying any RC construction equipment I will suggest you to visit 10trailtrucks, they provide amazing reviews about different RC construction equipment. It will help you to understand which RC construction toy you need to buy for your backyard construction company.

So, Here I bring you types of construction equipment which can work with you in your backyard to educate or play with your kids( or doing some digging).


  • RC Excavator


The RC excavator is one of the fantastic pieces of machinery. Various companies design RC excavator and believe me, if you want to get started with your backyard construction RC excavator is the right choice you can make. Also, it is not just for kids; by the time you use it, you too buy one so that you don’t end hogging the remote control.

RC Excavator

Let’s discuss, what so special about RC excavator. Here, we discuss the basic specs of RC excavator. The machinery comes with 15-channel control, rotate of 680-degree, and it works on 2.4 GHz signal. With no doubt, the excavator can perform your digging task smoothly, even the tyre of the excavator supports while using it mud.

Also, it comes in different variants; for your backyard construction, you can choose excavator with strong sales material. You will experience a variety of mechanical sound effect that gives you amazing digging experience. It comes with hydraulic cylinder simulator that supports the machine to perform a stable and realistic excavation process.


  • RC Mini ForkLift


Just like the Fork Lift, RC mini ForkLift works same. One of the best RC forklifts comes with 1/20 scale replica of the real one Fork Lift. You and your kid can have your own RC ForkLift. Also, there is one more thing about the RC Mini ForkLift that it comes with dual functions.

The dual function will make you amazed because you will get a forklift and a crane in a single RC Mini ForkLift; Isn’t it amazing! Moreover, it works just like a Real forklift vehicle that means it can lift objects.

RC Mini ForkLift

So, before buying understand that the good quality RC mini ForkLift is made up of metal and plastic of top grade material. And the remote is elegant, but it comes with 7 channels which makes it a little complex to operate.

No worries! It comes with a handy manual that helps you to understand everything about the RC Mini ForkLift.


  • RC CAT mining Dump Truck


It is one of the RC construction equipment that will complete your set of RC construction equipment. Even, some user says “it drives like a tank,” and this might confuse you at first.

Moreover, RC dump truck is quite simple to control because the remote control has only a few buttons. Also, the designer of RC CAT Dump truck includes headlights and taillights which guide the user when it’s going backwards.

RC Dump Truck

All the function of the RC Mining dump truck is operated by using 2.4 GHz speed control. The RC mining Dump truck is 1/24 scale replica of the original CAT Dump truck, even its color is similar like the Real one.

One more thing which makes it a heavy-duty RC dump truck is a high-quality rubber for its tires with a great pattern. Due to this, little dumper works smoothly in any terrain and obstacles.


  • RC Tower Crane


RC tower crane is a great addition for your backyard construction site; also it enhances you and your kid’s experience.  Even, it is a budget-friendly mean machine which performs amazingly. RC tower crane is really strong, and it can’t be easily destroyed, it is made up of metal and plastic; plastic parts are strong and thick.

RC Tower Crane

Moreover, the RC Tower crane has large capacity crane turntable and crane base. With this, it also includes 12 channel-remote functionality, and it means the RC tower crane can perform many unique functions. Also, it can rotate on 360-degree with impressive light effect and realistic crane hook.


  • RC Alloy Shovel Loader


RC Alloy Shovel Loader is the one tool that you must need because there is no other RC construction equipment which can do digging like RC alloy shovel loader. So, you can understand how much useful it is for you in your backyard.

The RC loader is the 1/24 scale replica of Shovel loader. Also, it comes with working headlights and rear lights, and it dig just like the real one. Other than forward,backward, it also steers left and right. Also, it can perform function such as operating arm up and down, lifting and loading.

This RC construction equipment is perfect for kids, teenagers, and adults. Even, it can run for hours without any interference. Also, the parts of this vehicle like a bucket, wheel, and cab are designed with hard metal and tires with high-quality tires.

Go for it and complete your RC construction set, so that you can enjoy your working in your backyard RC construction company with your kids.

Final Remarks

Trends and technologies are changing with time, so does toys. There was a time when we used to play remote control cars that only comes with two functions forward and backward. But, now in this modern world thing getting changed.

Now, there are toys in the market such as RC construction toys, cars, trucks, etc. which work exactly like the real ones. The difference is that it is the 1/24 scale replica of the real ones which makes it comfortable to use for kids, teenagers, and adults. So, gather the above describe RC Construction toys and built a construction company with your kids in your backyard.

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